Wednesday 16 December 2009

Jill Stuart Angel Rocker

Bea's Up featured the Jill Stuart Spring 2010 "Angel Rocker" collection in their January issue. The collection will be released on 22 January in Japan. There are four Jewel Crystal Eyes (5250yen) palettes, all of which are permanent. Each shade in the palette has different levels of shimmer/sparkle for a jewel-like shine.

Two new Mix Compact Blushes #11 and #12 are also being introduced. #11 looks like a pale pink mix while #12 is a orange/coral/pink mix. Both are permanent.

The collection also includes 5 new nailpolishes, of which #39 and #40 are limited edition, and two limited edition Jelly Lip Glosses #17 (vivid pink) and #18 (coral pink with silver pearl). A new Lip Lustre #27 (sugar pink) is also being added.

Jewel Crystal Eyes #3 is a feminine mix of pinks, which is practically Jill Stuart's signature color.

The pic below shows the light pink shade from Jewel Crystal Eyes #2 applied on the model.

The model in the pics below is wearing Jewel Crystal Eyes #1, Mix Compact Blush #11 and Lip Lustre $27.

You can see more official promo pictures of the collection at


Jenni said...

omg yes! thanks for posting, glad to hear all stuff are permanent so i don't need to rush to get them :P

. : * justine * : . said...

B01 actually looks really interesting for JS... I want it :(. And the Mix Blushes are gorgeous! I think I want both of them, the lavender colour in 12 seems really interesting, and I don't own any orange blushes yet. At least everything is permanent so I can wait until I see reviews before plonking down loads of cash!

Sheila said...

YES! I am definitely saving up my money for these palettes. Compared to the current palettes, the new ones look much more pigmented and there is a lot more variety in the darker shades. Thanks for the pictures! =)

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing Iris! #01 looks interesting but the shades are kinda intense for SS. #03 looks so much like the previous JS palettes ...