Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Beaute de Kose & Visee Spring 2010

Kose is going with a beige theme for both its spring collections for Visee and Beaute de Kose. Visee will release a new line of Glam Nude Eyes (1890yen) on 16 January in Japan:
N1: orange-toned beige
N2: pink beige
N3: brown and gold beige
N4: cool khaki beige
N5: smoky beige

Beaute de Kose will add three beige shades to its popular Eye Fantasist (2625yen) range on 2 January: BE352, BE355 and BE871. These are shades that were previously released as limited edition shades or as part of Christmas coffrets.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! :D I've been thinking of trying BKO's Eye Fantasists and wanting to get a beige one to start off with. I can't wait till these are released. :P

Pink Sith said...

Beige huh? Humm. I do love Kose & Visee. I might have to wait and see. Thanks for the info!

makeupmag said...

I love the Eye Fantasists. I believe I may have these; I'd need to check.

If so, these are super pretty! ;)

makeupmag said...

Just checked the ones I have - BE355 is the coffret one which I have but oops, I don't have the other two...more splurging to come! :D

Are the other two from the S/S coffret that never came in?

Haru said...

hi Mag,

The Biteki article did not state when the other two shades were released.