Thursday, 10 December 2009

Sephora & Tokyo Haul!

A friend who vacationed in New York and Tokyo was kind enough to help me pick up some goodies on her trip :-)

Clean fragrances cost a bomb at the Sephore stores in Singapore so I asked for the Clean coffret which has Simply Soap, Shower Fresh, Warm Cotton and the original Clean eau de parfum, all in 30ml sizes. This has a retail value of US$152 but the set costs US$65. I also picked up the Josie Maran Mini Argan Stick (US$6) which is supposed to be an ultra-hydrating balm for skin and hair. This brand is currently not available in Singapore.

I love the minty freshness of Bare Escentuals Buxom Lipgloss so I decided to get the deluxe set, Babes About Town (US$39) which includes 4 mini lip glosses and 4 lip sticks. Bare Escentuals also cost much more in Singapore compared to the US and I haven't seen this set available here yet.

I found Cover Girl's Lash Blast mascara to be average but decided to give the new Lash Blast Length mascara a try anyway, as the brush looked like it would be more suitable for my sparse lashes. The Outlast Lip Stain has also gotten some pretty good reviews so I got this in #420 Sassy Mauve.

From Japan, I got the new Integrate Forming Cheeks (Jewel Box) in Red Coral (1575yen). This is mostly a shimmery highlighter rather than a blush.

My first purchase from the spring collections is Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyes F4 (3675yen) which is a gorgeous palette of light pastel blue, teal, metallic silver and smoky grey. It took me a long time to decide which palette to get as I was worried that the pink/purple would be too boring, the green looked like a million other green palettes I already have and the blue might be too loud for every day wear. But when I saw the F4 palette in real life, I was extremely pleased with it!

From Love Clover , I picked the Lipdolce Cafe #5261 Raspberry Sorbet (1680yen) and Loose Pot Cheek #5134 (1680yen).

And finally, a Paul & Joe Sister handkerchief (1050yen)! :-)


Jenni said...

nice haul!! love the Integrate blush and the esprique palette, enjoy your stuff :D

laetitia said...

great haul! i have to say you influenced me to buy a paul and joe sister scarf while i was in tokyo in aug

Haru said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks, I'm looking forward to trying out several items tomorrow :-)

Hi laetitia,
Hope you had a wonderful trip! Paul & Joe is truly one of my favourite brands, as you can probably tell from my blog. Too bad the accessories line is not available in Singapore and the small selection of the clothes are Tangs Studio is so expensive.

laetitia said...

hi haru, yup i enjoyed tokyo, and your makeup shopping tips were a great help :)

i hear you on the accessories, the scarfs are very cute and wearable. i haven't worn my out though cos i got a scratch on the silk material when i wore it out shopping

Luna said...

wow the Esprique palette looks amazing!! I'm looking forward to seeing it in counters here! hopefully not too long a wait =)

Tracy said...

I love the stuff from japan! Such a pretty scarf!

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris, Josie maran is one brand I really wish to see here!! Hope we don't have to wait too long. Love your esprique precious spring palatte. Look like a very wearable blue palatte. Do do a eotd soon with it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Iris!! :D How're you doing? The Esprigue Precious palette looks goregous! The P&J hankerchief print looks so cute. :3 My s-i-l is a longtime fan of BE and she's always used the Buxon lips, I want fuller lips (lol) are the Bluxom lips plumping much?

Kylie said...

hi haru, love all the stuff u bought! :) can u do a review on the Outlast Lip Stain after u tried it?

Michelle said...

What a great haul Iris! I can't wait to read your reviews!

engeng said...

You have got lots of beauties!! I'm still waiting for the esprique precious palette :D

Pinky said...

Haru haru,
why do you have to kill me this way? :p :p


makeupmag said...

What an exquisite haul! That palette reminds me of one of the Kose Visee ones. :)

Enjoy it all!

Popcorn said...

Hello!!! Waa... the esprique precious palette is sooo pretty! I was wondering if you could swatch it later after you use it? Thanks!

Haru said...

Hey innerchild,

Great to see you blogging again! The Buxom lips have a tingling sensation that lasts for hours but in terms of the plumping effect, I would say it is quite minimal. It's not going to give you Angelina Jolie lips if your lips are thin naturally. But I like the scent of these and the shades are very flattering.

Hi Kylie,
Sure, will review the Outlast Lip Stain after I've tried it out!

Hi Popcorn,
I'm not doing swatches of the palette but I just posted photos of my EOTD with it so I hope that helps!

Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

I love the plastic protector on the lipsticks, we need to have that here in the US, alot of lipsticks at the drugstores get damaged by people testing them or opening them to see the color, it's disappointing.
Thanks for sharing your haul!