Sunday 6 December 2009

Suqqu Spring 2010 also reported on the upcoming Suqqu spring collection which will debut on 5 February in Japan.
The collection is inspired by watercolors and layering of different shades to create nuanced, translucent colors. It includes:
1. Noble Nuance Face Color (brush included, 7350yen): five-tone powder that brightens up the skin and conceals the pores with a soft focus effect

2. Noble Nuance Eyeshadow (3 palettes, 7140yen): each palette contains 2 matte shades and 2 pearly shades

3. Noble Nuance Cheeks (3 shades, 6825yen)L each contains one cheek color and one highlight color

4. Noble Nuance Lipstick (5 shades, 5250yen)


Sheila said...

Ooooh I've never tried Suqqu since its not available in Canada, but when I go to the UK next year, I definite will. It does look promising =D

BTW, I noticed that within 5 days of December, you already have 30 posts. You are seriously on a HUGE roll, lol =P

Anonymous said...

hi there, sorry to be OT here but i reckon you'd be the best to know - do u know if lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes: 01 Beige Beige is part of its permanent collection? i'm looking for a very neutral palette and after some research, thought i would like to check this out. thanks! -stella

Haru said...

Hi Stella,
Yes, Skin Modelling Eyes #1 Beige Beige is part of the permanent collection. It is actually Lunasol's topselling eyeshadow palette.

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, so we have this Suqqu brand in Singapore? i've nv seen it at the cosmetics counters b4.

Haru said...

Suqqu is currently sold only in Japan and the UK.

Lydia said...

Hi - thanks so much for this post. I think the theme of this collection is pretty, but it doesn't seem as strong a concept as some of the previous collections. I'm still excited about it though!

Anonymous said...

Hi...can I get suqqu in singapore

Haru said...


Suqqu is not sold in Singapore. It is currently sold only in Japan, the UK and Thailand.