Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Japanese Magazines GWPs Preview

Here's a preview of the upcoming gifts with Japanese magazines! The release dates listed are for Japan, please check with Kinokuniya directly if you wish to know the date of arrival for Kino's stores in Singapore.

Mini (Feb 2010): X-girl felt tote bag measuring 24cmx26.5cmx11cm (26 Dec). Watch the video clip here.

Steady (Feb 2010): Beams A4-size canvas tote (7 Jan). Watch the video clip here.

Sweet (Feb 2010): Cher tote bag and pass case (12 Jan). Watch the video clip here.

Cutie (Feb 2010): Care Bears mirror and pouch (12 Jan)

Spring (Mar 2010): Milkfed compact 3-way mirror and pouch (23 Jan).


kuri said...

Wow. The GWP flood continues! It's interesting to see that the men's magazines also have freebies now.

I think I can pass on all of these upcoming ones though.

helena said...

thanks for the info! i love these freebies :)

shopaholic shopper said...

hello! i called Kino.. Sweet Feb will be in store tmr afternon, and u can call in to kino to reserve after 2pm tmr! Yeah!!