Saturday, 19 December 2009

Voce Feb 2010

Voce's website has an extensive sneak peek into their February issue which will be published on Monday 21 December (should arrive at Kinokuniya in Singapore later this week). Japanese pop star Namie Amuro is the cover model, looking fresh-faced without her usual heavy eye make up. I actually like this look on her as she looks very youthful.

A look at the RMK, Jill Stuart, Shu Uemura, Lunasol and Anna Sui spring collections.

This issue also comes with the spring collections catalogue featuring a whopping 58 brands.


Eva said...

Love her!! she's sooo pretty!

AhCapp said...

Wow, this is the catalogue that I have been waiting for! Been collecting them for the past few years since you intro it to me. =)
Thank you for the news, Iris!

TiniHani said...

hi haru..

i'm just want to ask.. is it more cheaper buying make up at singapore during the crhistmast time rather than buying at kuala lumpur? we plan going to singapore on 28 dec. I love stila very much and cant wait to buy it there, so sad they close their counter at KL. i love reading ur blog. :)

Haru said...

hi TiniHani,
I think in general makeup is cheaper in KL/Malaysia than Singapore. For example, brands like Majolica Majorca and Kate are cheaper in Malaysia than Singapore. I'm not sure what is the price difference for department store brands like MAC etc, but in general, I think Malaysia tends to be a bit cheaper.

Kiradris said...

Namie Amuro still looks great! I remember being an exchange student in Japan when her 17 album came out (the one with the song Sunshine on it). She was my first favorite j-pop star.