Saturday, 12 December 2009

Stila Loves Claire Pettibone

My makeup collection used to revolve around Stila and MAC before I was introduced to Japanese brands. I haven't purchased anything from Stila in the last two years as the company has been mainly recycling its bestselling products. I also deeply miss the Stila girls that used to feature heavily in the product packaging and advertising. But I will definitely splurging on this Stila Loves Claire Pettibone palette (US$42) which will be released in Spring 2010, if only for the Stila girl illustration alone. It features 9 eyeshadows and a Convertible Color in Peony. Stila did the makeup for the Claire Pettibone Spring 2010 bridal show.

A MUAer who works for Stila posted on the boards that we can expect to see 50 new products in January, including 22 new eyeshadows and long wear lip colors. It looks like the new Stila management is also going the more value-conscious route as they have been putting out tons of great value, affordable sets, such as this 4-lipglaze set for only US$15. Lipglazes usually retail for US$22 each.

You can see my Stila collection in this post from 2007.


Sabrina said...

You always have the best info. My world revolved around Stila too. Back then my boyfriend (now my husband) would try to do everything to get me those hard-to-get Stila Paint cans for me everytime he went to London for my collection.

I have only purchased a few smudgepots recently, but similar to you, I haven't bought anything from Stila in quite some time. I loved the old Stila so much. It's definitely clear to see how the brand has changed since management changed - and I'm not a fan of it.

Thanks for the link though!

Haru said...

Hi Lina,
That's so sweet of your boyfriend! Mine is totally clueless about makeup but he's very supportive as well. I have a few paint cans too, but hardly ever take them out anymore. I'm just hoping that Stila does not go the way of Prescriptives and become a relic of history. So hopefully the new management will be able to make it successful again.

Laura said...

Hi Haru,

I am actually confused about the current state of affairs for Stila in Singapore. Since they have downsized their small counter at Tangs, will they pull out of Singapore entirely? I had previously heard hearsay that they were clearing stocks and pulling out, but it seems like they have not done so. However, it does seem like they have lost quite a fair bit of customers as I recall human traffic at the old counter was more than the new counter.

Haru said...

hi Laura,
I don't know if Stila is pulling out of Singapore. They haven't been bringing in any new products since the middle of this year. We never got the summer eyeshadow quad or any of the holiday collection or Barbie fall collection. I suspect that Luxasia may be just clearing its stocks. But I really wouldn't know.