Saturday, 5 December 2009

Robinsons Sale

Robinsons is holding a sale for cardmembers on Wednesday 9 December from 10.30am-10.30pm with tons of beauty offers and specials that are available only on this day. The first 300 cardmembers will receive an instantly redeemable $30 Beauty Voucher with $200 spent on participating brands in a single receipt. There is up to 20% off participating brands (probably like Revlon, Bourjois) and an additional 20% off all toiletries and health supplements.

Details of the GWPs offered by each brand below.

I'm still debating whether to go but the $20 off $150 voucher included in the flyer is making it really hard to resist!


Felicia said...

Hi Haru
just 2 day pass and your posts kept coming in fast and quick. i am an avid reader of your blog. wow suddenly so many new update haha since friday. i have the robinbson mailer too and is actually considering if to splurge on skincare items from Sisley. babe, have you used any Sisley products and can help give some comments/advice?

thank you so much

Haru said...

Hi Felicia,

I was on a roll the past couple of days and just came across a lot of stuff to post :-)

Sorry, I haven't used any Sisley products before and can't give any recommendation. I find their line to be too expensive! But there are tons of reviews on MakeupAlley's Productville. Do check it out, hope it's helpful for you.

Felicia said...

Hi Haru
thanks darling. I am checking out your link and if i get to buy anything from Sisley (which i heard is known for using herb, organic stuff in their making) i will let you know how effective it goes. meanwhile, enjoy your haul :)