Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Kate Spring '10

Kate will release its spring collection on 1 February in Japan. It includes:

1. Gradical Eyes A: 8 palettes each containing four gradational shades and a "long fix" formula eyeshadow base (1470yen)

2. Lasting Design Eyebrow W: 2 shades (1470yen)

3. Eyebrow Color N: 2 shades (892yen)

4. Cheek Color S: 4 blush duos with a round brush (1365yen)

5. Quick Eyeliner S: 2 shades, 1050yen

6. Diamond Cut Eyes: 1 new palette (1680yen)

7. Lasting Cover Pact: powder foundation in 6 shades, SPF20 PA++ (2100yen)

8. Stick Concealer N: 2 shades (1050yen)

9. Makeup Base UV N SPF29 PA++ (1260yen)

10. Face Powder N: 2 shades (1575yen)

11. Cover Concealer (Pores) (1050yen)

12. Covering Convealer (Skin discolorations) (1050yen)

Kate's hit products in 2009 have been its Diamond Cut Eyes palettes (1.1 million sold in 5 months) and Reflect Mirror Eyes (600,000 sold in just 3 weeks), which were released in February and August respectively. Its Frame Impact Marker (eyeliner) also hit its one-year sales target of 200,000 in just two months.


Kathi said...

I think that's about the 4th or 5th version of the Gradical Eyes I have seen to date =P It still doesn't get more appealing no matter which letter they add (S, N, A) haha

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, they've got 2 new eyebrow products coming out. Haru, do you know if one of them might be the liquid marker type of product? These are pretty rare, but I've liked the ones I've used and I'm always looking for a newer product.

Haru said...


Eyebrow Color N is an eyebrow mascara while Lasting Design Eyebrow is an eyebrow pencil with a blending powder. Think it's very rare to see liquid markers for the brows.

Hey Kathi,

Agree, the promo photo looks so bland!

Anonymous said...

Haru, would you know where can I find Sony CP in tokyo? Thanks lots :).

Haru said...

Do you mean this line?

You can find it in almost any drugstore.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply :). Not that line.


Its by Sony CP, I tried to google but its all in Japanese. Actually in Tokyo now, but I just cant find the location. :(

Haru said...

The website says that this brand is only sold at CP Salons. There are a few in Tokyo but looks quite hard to find as only the addresses are provided, with no maps.

In Aoyama, the address of the
青山CP本店 (Aoyama CP Honten)is

In Shinjuku, the address of the
CPサロンM.Lounge (CP Salon M. Lounge)is
(Teikeiredo Shinjuku Building in Kabukicho)

You can show the address to someone (try the staff at the nearby train station) and ask them to direct you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks lots, will try and track it tomorrow. Cheers! :)