Sunday, 6 December 2009

Paul & Joe Collection Sparkles

While randomly surfing Japanese beauty blogs, I came across this Japanese blogger writing about her collection of Paul & Joe Collection Sparkles. Click here to see the blog post and the gorgeous photo of her collection, which is obviously a well-used one with a few of the Collection Sparkles showing pan. Her collection dates from 2002.


Sabrina said...

That is awesome.

Ser said...

Hey babe,
actually I have been meaning to ask u...I see that your makeup collection is ever expanding..and personally mine too. I wonder how you store them. I am having major storage crisis and hope u can shed some light. Heehee. TIA!!

Haru said...

Hi Serene,

I keep most of my makeup in these Muji chests.

These can be found at the Muji stores in Singapore (I bought my second one at the store in Paragon a couple of years ago). They are great makeup organisers!

I also have one of their acrylic 5-drawer chests which is great for small items. These are very popular in Japan for makeup storage.