Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Anna Sui Beach Collection

According to the latest Isetan newsletter, the Anna Sui Beach Collection will be available exclusively at Isetan from 1-7 April!

The Glittering Mermaid themed collection can also be viewed on the Anna Sui website. The collection includes 7 new Double Eyecolors, 2 Pedicure Sets and 2 Eye Makeup Sets. The Double Eyecolors are permanent while the Pedicure Sets and Eye Makeup Sets are limited edition.

Each Pedicure Set includes two 5ml Nail Color P, toe separators, a Leg Mist (50ml) and a metal can measuring 10x15cm.

Each Eye Makeup Set includes a Color Mascara WP, a Glittering Colour (which can be used as mascara or eye color), and a metal case measuring 10x8x2.5cm.

From tomorrow until Sunday, Isetan cardmembers will receive 10% rebate vouchers with every S$50 spent.


Anna said...

Is this is a store-only collection? Because I've always looked for these Dolly Girl mascaras, the ones with the doll faces on them, which are kinda old now and dunno where to get them and wondered if they're only being sold in SG.

Haru said...

Nope, Anna Sui doesn't do Singapore-exclusive products. We get whatever has been released in Japan.