Monday, 21 March 2011

Dior Moonlight Collection

Just spotted the new Dior Moonlight collection in the April issue of Elle Singapore!

The new 5-Colour Iridescent Eyeshadow #640 Moonray is a lovely confection of delicate icy pastels though my worry with combinations like this is whether the shades become indistinguishable from one another when applied.

This is the promo visual from the Dior Japan website. I don't know if the collection is Asia-exclusive or whether any of the items are re-promotes.


Anonymous said...

I can vouch at least for Moonray is a re-promote in a new updated formulation (the Iridescent). A quick plug into Google reveals two versions though: the the 640 and the the 820. I can't really tell from the photos but I think these two are the same as well but a change in packaging because I remember Dior going from a circular 5 Colour to the more triangular packaging we know now.

pinky with lashes said...

the 5 colors will definitely end up looking like 1 big patch of single color. -.-

but the glosses r beautiful, esp the white one!