Saturday, 12 March 2011

LeSportsac 2011 Spring & Summer Mooks

Since Kinokuniya was having its 20% sale for members this week, I took advantage of the discount to pick up two of the three new LeSportsac 2011 Spring & Summer mooks (Japanese publishing lingo for "magazine books").

These retail at S$29.60 each, and I paid just S$23.65 after the discount. There was still many copies available of all three designs at the Ngee Ann City store. The black Stardust print appears to be the most popular, followed by the homely Berry Blossom print.

Each mook comes with a Pocketable Bag that can be zipped up into this compact size. This bag style was created specially for this mook. The material is LSS' usual rip-stop nylon.

The bag is very roomy, measuring 32x41.5x12.5cm.

The Pocketable Bag is basically a convenient lightweight eco-bag that you can keep in your regular bag, to be used for impromptu shopping.

There is a thin inner lining and the base of the bag is slightly padded. The inner seams are covered but the handles are thinner and narrower than those on regular LeSportsac bags. There is no zip at the top of the bag.

Given the price of the mook, I think the quality of the bag is alright but it could have been improved with broader, sturdier handles. You can see the earlier LSS mooks from 2009 and 2010 here and here. I use the 35th Avenue multi-case (from the 2010 mook) every time I travel as it's great for holding all the different currencies, cards and coins whereas I haven't found a use yet for the Beauty Girl case (from 2009).

Instructions on how to fold the bag before zipping it up.

The 72-page mook has features on the new collaboration with Joyrich, a LA-based fashion brand and a visit to the LSS store in Melrose, Los Angeles.

The new Artist-in-Residence, Jeremy Ville.

The prints for spring and summer, all the way up to July.

Just looking at this has spawned a few lemmings! I like the look of Zap Pow Pop, Garden Path, Flower Cart, Blue Jeans, Blossom Lake, Pen Pal and Sea Nymph.

There is also a chart showing the various bag styles that each print will be available in. Don't you just love it when the Japanese magazines are fabulously organised like that?


Anonymous said...

the star print is very cute! if i don't already have so many shopping bags, i would get it! but oh... there are only so many eco-bags i can have :S


saltvinegar said...

the mook is genius marketing!Love the prints.. but can't seem to stop the sadness for the ppl of Japan

Tracy said...

Oh wow, i love the detail of Japanese magazines! Ingenius product grid!

Kate said...

Hi Haru, I made the same purchase as you since both designs are nice in their own way and they are worth the price. I even bought the another berry for my mum. They are really roomy and I just love the fact that they can be folded. I'm actually glad it's not multicase like last year's. Only complaint is that I find the material thinner than the usual ones. Or am I imagining it? :)

Haru said...

I think the regular LSS bags have a thicker lining, compared to the mook bag. Personally, I prefer the multi-case to the bag as the multi-case was more functional and useful for me.

Kate said...

Hi again. Oh, like you, I also prefer the multi-case esp last year's because it has so many compartments and best of all quality wise, it's not much different from the usual LSS products! It's just that I bought the Robin egg mook last year and so I prefer that they come up with something different this year.:) Anyway, the prints are so pretty to look at. :)

Jean said...

Hi there
Just wondering if you still do have any extras of this bag available for sale?
Or where could I still get this from?
Thanks :-)

Haru said...

I'm afraid not, sorry!