Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lunasol Summer 2011

Lunasol goes for a blue and bronze/brown theme again in its summer collection which will be released on 13 May in Japan. The collection carries on the same ocean-inspired theme of the Spring 2011 collection. It includes:

1. Ocean Shine Eyes: 2 palettes (5250yen)

2. Full Glamour Liquid Lips: 4 shades (2940yen)

3. Nail Finish: 4 shades (1575yen)

4. Colouring Cheeks: 1 new shade (2625yen)

5. Eye Pencil N: 2 shades (2625yen)

6. Pore Covering Base (3150yen)

All the products are limited edition. For ladies who have been waiting for the spring makeup collection to be released in Singapore, the long wait is almost over. According to, it will launch in Singapore this Friday, 11 March. There are now 7 Lunasol counters in Singapore, so it should be very easy to get hold of the collection. I picked up a few pieces from the collection at Narita Airport last week, including the Ocean Scene Eyes #3 Vivid Ocean (below). I'll try to review them soon!


galpal.hi said...

Looking forward to your review of Vivid Ocean. It's the one palette that I wanted but didn't get.


Georgina said...

i cant wait to see swatches of the e/s palettes! :)

Light Love said...

OMG.... the "Lunasol" prints are so pretty!! Thanks for the update!