Friday, 4 March 2011

Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Mook

The Paul & Joe 15th Anniversary Special Issue mook is now available at Kinokuniya stores in Singapore. The mook comes with a large tote measuring 32x47x13cm.

The bag is very well made and feels quite sturdy. It has a pink inner polyester lining and an inner flap pocket. The straps are long enough to sit comfortably on the shoulder.

I love the cheerful floral print, which is from the Spring/Summer 2011 fashion collection.

The 73-page magazine (with the kittens cover) can be detached from the mook cover. I usually discard the mook covers with the bulky box to save on shelf space.

The mook includes an interview with designer Sophie Albou, with insights into her home and office.

The Paul & Joe office is located in a three storey building in Paris. The first floor houses the office. Sophie Albou's desk is shown in the photo in the top right corner, complete with the Paul & Joe Be@rbricks. (Albou is apparently a famous collector of Be@rbricks.)

The second floor houses the showroom while the third floor is the atelier where the clothes are created.

The Spring/Summer 2011 fashion collection show.

Backstage and at the post-show party.

Japanese models like Shiho pick their favourite P&J pieces.

The Paul & Joe Sister spring catalogue.

The P&J collaboration handphone with Softbank of Japan.

The mook is well worth getting if you're a die-hard Paul & Joe fan, although flipping through it is bound to spark several lemmings!


Anonymous said...

no closure like zip etc?

Anonymous said...

in japan, it retils for abt $21.50, but kino sells it for $31.50 !!

Anonymous said...

any other local bkshop sells this other than kino?

Haru said...

I don't think so. Only Kinokuniya brings in Japanese mooks.

There is no zip but there is a button just above the inner flap pocket.

If you have the Kino membership card, you can get 10% off. Kino also often has 20% off for members, which is a good time for purchasing mooks at close to the Japan retail price.

Anonymous said...

do u have the exaact yesssia link for tthiis?

Haru said...

Nope, I don't.

Anonymous said...

Would u recommend getting the anna sui or paul & joe anniversary mook? The handle of the paul & joe mook seems short, is it possible to sling the bag on the shoulder single-handledly? Thanks!!

Haru said...

the straps are long enough to sit comfortably on the shoulder with the bag under the arm. Of the two, I like the Paul & Joe bag more as the material is better but some people may not like such a big colorful flower print.

tinabocs said...

hi! may i know how you can order or can you purchase the umbrella? it looks absolutely lovely!

Haru said...

I don't know of any online stores selling Paul & Joe accessories like the umbrella. only has a few P&J handbags from time to time.

Kate said...

Hi Haru, I took the plunge and bought Paul & Joe mook. It's fab, feels luxurious! Thanks for your post on this mook. It's a bit smelly, hope the smell will go away soon though. Although some people may not like the the big flower print, but I thought it's v apt on a big tote like this.

Haru said...

Hi Kate,
You're more than welcome :-) You can try hanging the bag somewhere to air for a few days to get rid of the smell, or giving it a wash.

Isla said...

How do you get the kittens cover off of the magazine? Do you have to cut it or tear something?

Haru said...

You just tear off the external cover. The glue between the external cover and the internal kitty one comes off quite easily and neatly.