Sunday, 13 March 2011

Wet n Wild Coloricon I Dream of Greenie

Wet n Wild released six new Coloricon 3-pan palettes recently. As these are super cheap at just US$2.99 each, I initially picked up four of the six in CVS but in the end, I put three back on the display and left with just I Dream of Greenie as I'm seriously running out of space for my makeup.

I Dream of Greenie is a vibrant fresh trio of greens that I thought would be fun to play around with. The eyeshadow pans are embossed with the recommended area of application, which is a nice user-friendly touch.

Using Pixi Lustrous Eye Primer as the base, I used the included brush (thankfully not too scratchy) to apply the pale mint shade over the browbone area, and the sponge applicator to apply the medium green shade in the crease and the lime shade along the upper lashline. Along the lower lashline, I used a combination of the pale mint and the medium green shade, with L'Oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner #915 Silver Lightning along the waterline and the inner corners. I also used Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner along the upper lashline and Visee Lash Wide Impact (Curl Long) mascara.

The Shrek-like lime shade is probably the most difficult to pull off and it's not something that I would wear for work. I do like the pale mint and medium green shades though. The eyeshadows kick up a fair bit of powder but there wasn't any fallout during the application process. The shades all have great blendability and apply very smoothly with good colour payoff.

For this look, I'm using a few new purchases from my recent US trip: Almay Wake Up Hydrating Makeup 010 Ivory over Anna Sui Protective Foundation Primer C #200, Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Rose, and Tokidoki Gelato Lip Balm Stain in Skeletrina. The Rose Happy Booster and Skeletrina lip balm are instant loves for me while the Almay Wake Up Hydrating Makeup (a loose face powder that feels cool upon application, like Prescriptives' famous Magic) is just average.

The only palette in my stash that is similar to I Dream of Greenie is Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes #4 Green Coral. The shades are not exact dupes but it's a similar combination. The Lunasol eyeshadows are more shimmery and sheer compared to the Wet n Wild eyeshadows.

The best resource for Wet n Wild news and reviews is Nouveau Cheap. As a Wet n Wild Ambassador, she always has the first scoop on WnW's new releases. Below are the application tips.

Ingredients list.

If you have tried Wet n Wild's Coloricon palettes, do let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Lynn Cia said...

Thks, Iris for the wet n wild postings! I'll get a few palettes.

Anonymous said...

I bought the happy booster too! seeing it makes me happy

Jacqueline said...

I love this eye combo. May I know which eyeliner do you use? I have been hunting for a good waterproof eyeliner for ages.

Haru said...

hi Jacqueline,
I am using the Shiseido Automatic Fine Eyeliner. I also like the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner and K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, both of which are available at Watsons.

JennD said...

I don't like the almay foundation look at your face. Did you pick up the wrong colour? It looks a bit too dark on you.

Haru said...

The Almay powder is already lightest shade available and it looked alright when I applied it. But it doesn't provide enough coverage so a lot of the redness in my skin shows up. Another factor was the lighting conditions that the photo was taken in, it was hard to get a good photo on that particular afternoon. I'm using the Almay powder as a finishing powder instead on top of another foundation now.

makeupmag said...

Proof that drugstore items work! It's a fun palette to own.

Try the Shrek green with purple for pop (remember NARS Rated R? ;).

milktea said...

Hi Haru :-) How would you compare the quality of eye shadows from Wet n wild with those from Sleek?

Haru said...

hi milktea,
I only have two Wet n Wild palettes so my experience with them is based on just Lust and I Dream of Greenie. I find the quality and texture to be very similar to Sleek in that they tend to kick up quite a bit of powder when you touch your brush or sponge applicator to the surface. The darker shades also tend to cause quite a bit of fallout during the application process that can be a pain to clean up. The colour payoff is excellent but I think the texture tends to be less refined and elegant compared some other more expensive brands. But for the price, they are great value for money, especially if ladies who are on a budget.

milktea said...

Hi Haru. Thanks for your detailed reply. It gives me a better idea of their quality, although I'd still like to try both! Cheers! :-)

Lakwatsera Inday_gamay said...

Hi haru, i just followed your blog. I really like your articles. Are the wet n wild palettes available here in singapore? I really want to try them. Thank you! Rousy