Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Holika Holika

Looks like another South Korean beauty brand is about to land on our shores! The Holika Holika store will open in the basement of Wisma Atria in end March. The ad campaign features CNBlue, a South Korean indie rock band.

Judging by its official website, the brand has a whimsical magical/fairy theme, with echoes of Majolica Majorca. See how the mascara tube packaging is similar to Majolica's mascaras?


plue said...

cn blue's my fav band! finger's crossing that they will be in Malaysia soon :D

thanks for the info!

Lynn said...

I'm excited about this! they have a super adorable cat blushers and the cream Magic Blush Palettes as seen here: http://eatshopbemerry.livejournal.com/308843.html#cutid1

They have some great skin care too, but like you said, "i have too many skincare products"!

Eliza said...

Ahhhh! I love CN Blue! I hope they come for a holika party like in Thailand.

However, I read online from CN Blue fans that the quality of the cosmetics is not very good as compared to some other Korean brands. I certainly hope that is not true!

Anonymous said...

Wow wow! I've been trying out their products and I'm definitely liking them so far. So glad the brand's finally landed on our shores. :D

Michelle said...

Hi Iris! How have you been? I have not tried their cosmetics but a couple of their skincare products are pretty decent e.g. the egg soap (good for getting rid of black heads) and apple soda scrub with fine grains yet doing a thorough job.

Valerie said...

I too have heard that the makeup is very glittery/shimmery and not very pigmented. Of course, I learned this AFTER I ordered the adorable cat blush off of Ebay. I also ordered a lipstain/tint. I will let you know how they are when they arrive!

Personal Recs said...

To be honest, I think Holika Holika's skincare products are better than their makeup lines.

I for one love the Bulgarian Rose and Egg/Cooling/Pore Tightening range, and every single review on their Aqua Splash/Hydrating line has been a glowing one. Then again, I guess hydrating lines are the easiest to get right? The famed Egg Soap is brilliant, of course.

On the other hand, their colour makeup line, save for the lipstick formulas pales in comparison to everything else their offer. Their B.B. Creams are pretty good though!

Hopefully Innisfree will start out here soon too. They're the brand that does EVERYTHING fabulously.

purplio said...

i have not heard of Holika Holika but i like CN blue's music so i might just check out the brand just for them, ahha *shallow*