Saturday, 12 March 2011

Straits Times Urban Feature on Singapore's Top Beauty Bloggers

The Straits Times (which is the main English newspaper in Singapore) did a feature on Singapore's top beauty bloggers in its Urban magazine yesterday. My good buddy, Mag (Makeup Stash) was interviewed along with Sesame of Vivawoman, Renee of Beauty Fool and Roseanne of Roseanne Beauty. I was incredibly excited for Mag and pounced on Urban the moment the Straits Times landed on my desk and then started texting her to tell her about it!

Do visit Vivawoman, Beauty Fool and Roseanne Beauty to read their respective thoughts on the feature. (The scans are courtesy of Beauty Fool.)


sesame said...

Thanks for the shout! Like I said, you should be in this feature too!

Vanessa said...

I thought you would be in the feature too,but was disappointed when I flipped through URBAN first thing in the morning,that you weren't!

Winnie said...

You should have been featured too! But no worries, we still heart your blog :-)

Haru said...

Hi Winnie,
Thanks :-)

Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for the support!

hi Sesame,
Thanks, hope to meet you again soon!

Karelessly in Love said...

I'm late to this but I too was disappointed you were not in it! I totally enjoyed the way you blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, I think for your effort, you should have been featured too. Take Heart, you have lots of supporters for yr wonderful blog. Keep up the good work :)

Haru said...

I'm not sad/upset that I was not featured. The journalist did approach me but I declined.