Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Starbucks Sakura Collection

Starbucks has just released the new sakura (cherry blossom) collection of tumblers in Singapore!

Thanks to a few kind readers who alerted me to this, I made a quick stop at the Holland Village store this morning to check out the collection. This year, we got the same designs as Japan but minus the short blue tumblers and the mugs.

I picked up the water tumbler (S$19.90; 20 fl.oz/591ml) and the pink plastic tumbler (S$15.90; 12fl. oz/355ml). The pink metal tumbler was around S$32. With the purchase of each tumbler, you get a free drink coupon. Also, you can get 50 cents off your beverage if you bring the tumbler with you to the store.

I wasn't too impressed with this year's collection when I first saw it online but it turned out to be much prettier in real life. The plastic tumbler has a gorgeous tapestry of pink, lavender, green and blue tones. Small details like the reflective gold lines and the subtle sakura motif in the background give it added dimensionality.

I also love the gradational effect around the bottom of the water tumbler, which is BPA-free.

You can see the 2010 tumblers in this post and here. Last year's collection sold out very quickly so don't wait too long if you're interested in this collection!


Anonymous said...

Super CUTE!!!!

. : * justine * : . said...

The pink metal tumbler looks just like last year's... and now I wish I'd asked for the water tumbler! The gold outlines look beautiful. I probably have too many water bottles as it is, though XD;

Lynn.TrinketsLove said...

Thanks for the infor! I've been waiting for the collection and had a hard time locating it last year! Bugis & Raffles city Starbucks are already OOS on these. I managed to have them reserved and will collect them tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

i wish we got the mugs, i love the transparent ones! and especially the construction of starbucks mugs

i agree that the thermal plastic tumbler looks much better in real life than online, but i still prefer last year's blue one

the metal tumblers look cute, but ... they look bulky

urgh i wish we got mugs this year! --stella

Minoueel said...

They look lovely! I hope I can still get my hands on the mug.

Lynn said...

Ahh! so pretty! I shall try my luck tomorrow !

galpal.hi said...

It is sooo pretty! I have a collection of one mug per year for several years now. A dear friend of mine in Japan gets it for me.


Ah Jean said...

yes... i'm so happy. managed to reserve 1 from temasesk tower. called raffle city & suntec both OOS.

Candygal's Precious Box!! said...

In fact the tumbler & water bottles are both slightly different from the Japan collection!

I got a hand of the Japan Sakura series last week and the tumbler cover is transparent type!

Both are awesome!

laeticia521 said...

i was waiting for you to post these! got the drink tumbler but still prefer the look of last year's blue collection. i felt the standout this year was the water bottle, it's soo pretty but i don't use water bottles though

Tavy said...

Hi Haru, thanks for the info! I will go down to have a look tml. Is the bear on sale too?

Anonymous said...

The sakura bear was the first thing that caught my eye, along with the pink metallic tumbler (with white sakura blossom patterns). But after reading your review, I went back and bought the water tumbler too!

Btw, we have the mugs here in Taiwan but they are mostly sold out now :(


Haru said...

hi Tavy,
Yes, the bear is on sale too, but I don't know the price.

hi Jo,
the plastic tumbler is really pretty :-)

hi laeticia,
I'm going to use the water tumbler to remind myself to drink more water every day!

hi Candygal,
Ah, I didn't notice that! Thanks for pointing it out :-)

hi Ah Jean,
glad to hear that you managed to reserve it!

hi Kat,
That's lovely, do post a picture sometime of your collection!

Hey Lynn,
Hope you manage to get them!

hi Minoueel,
Hope you manage to get it! It's a lovely collection.

hi stella,
Yeah, it's a pity that the mugs were not available here but I'm happy with the tumblers :-)

hi Lynn,
Glad to hear that you managed to reserve them!

hi Justine,
The water tumbler is pretty but it is similar to last year's.

Stacey said...

the barrista bear is $26.90.

I went to the outlet at compass point last night and all the sakura tumblers were sold out.

would anyone know if there are any left in other outlets?

Janice said...

Hi Haru,

The tumblers look so pretty - I'm so tempted to get 1 now. Hope I won't be too late.

May I know what's the difference between the two types of tumblers? Can they be used for hot drinks?


Haru said...

the taller transparent tumbler is only for cool beverages and not hot beverages while the shorter plastic tumbler can be used for hot beverages.

hi Stacey,
perhaps you can try calling some of the Starbucks outlets to see if they have stocks left and reserve them?

laeticia521 said...

anyone looking for the pink tumblers can try the Starbucks at Cathay building, they were sold out of the water tumblers though :(

Candice said...

Hi Haru! Thanks for the heads up. I went to get it yesterday after reading your post :) I have a question though, the $15.90 tumbler can be used to store hot drinks right?

Haru said...

Yes, that's right. Mine comes with a piece of paper inside with the safety instructions (like don't microwave it, shut the lid to prevent spillage etc). The taller transparent bottle is NOT for hot beverages.

Candice said...

I see. Thanks so much. :) I love reading your blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

thanks for ur timely post! popped by starbucks opp cpf bldg. bought exactly the same items as yrs. love them lots!! =)

Haru said...

You're welcome, glad to hear that you managed to get them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, tks for yr post if not i'll miss out on this beautiful collection. Unfortunately there was only the tall tumbler left at the vivo outlet, everything else was OOS!! Luckily there were 3 left so I grabbed two *hee*

Kate said...

Hi Haru. I thought I'd try my luck just to have a look at Starbucks Liang Court since I was going for the 20% Kinokuniya sale and I wasn't even hoping since it's likely to be oos. And Tadaa! I saw the $15.90 ones and fell in love with it without hesitation. Bought and redeemed the drink immediately. So really thank you for your post for yet another amazing buy:) It's lovely. Btw, would it be wierd to bring the bottle along if I want to buy cold drink?

Haru said...

You can get 50 cents off your beverage at Starbucks if you bring the tumbler to use, so definitely do that! It's not a problem using it for cold drinks at all.

Vanessa said...

so cute! i hope these come to Canada...

Anonymous said...

I managed to get the tumbler at my workplace today, on the contrary the water bottle was sold out! shall try to find the water bottle, it looks so pretty!


Kate said...

I tried buying my fave green tea frappe with the bottle for the first time today and got 50 cents off. Yay! This is such a good deal. Go and get the tumblers, people! :D

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I asked my friend in SG to pick up the same two tumblers you bought. I hope she was able to find them because I missed out on last year's collection.

Lakwatsera Inday_gamay said...

Oh i hope they still have availble! I'll check this out tom!:-)

Brad said...

Oh wow. Had no idea you guys got the Sakura stuff in Singapore! Thought only us in Japan got them! Cool!