Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Zoya Nail Polishes at Liang Court

There is currently a temporary booth selling Zoya and TINS nail polishes at Liang Court on the ground floor (just outside the Kopitiam food court). I don't know how long the booth will be at Liang Court but for what it's worth, the Zoya nail polishes are going at S$18 each, or S$45 for three. The price is higher than at the recent Beauty Asia fair at Suntec in March but it looks like the same wide range that was available at Beauty Asia. Do check out Hitting The Pan's report on Beauty Asia.

I didn't attend Beauty Asia but Mag (Makeup Stash) surprised me with this gift of Adina (left) and Edyta. It's wonderful to have friends who know what you will like!

P.S. Please don't leave comments about blogshops that are selling Zoya nailpolishes for a cheaper price. I will not publish such comments as I do not wish to promote any blogshops.

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