Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Paul & Joe Lipstick Collection

One of the most treasured parts of my makeup stash is my collection of Paul & Joe lipsticks. Paul & Joe usually releases these limited edition lipsticks featuring prints from their fashion collections only once or twice a year, usually as part of the spring and fall makeup collections. The relatively slow pace at which these are released means that it takes years to build up a decent collection, similar to Guerlain's Meteorites. The entire Collection Sparkles Archive dating back to Spring 2002 can be viewed on the Paul & Joe website.

The eye-catching whimsical prints never fail to brighten up my day. Because they are so unique and distinctive, I never have to waste time searching for the specific shade that I want. My only regret is that I didn't start collecting these earlier when Paul & Joe first became available in Singapore!

Although the tubes are made of cardboard, they are surprisingly sturdy. I have kept some of these in the side pocket of a bag for over a month without any visible chafing or denting. The lipstick bullets are also easily removable so you can replace the shade with a new one, including those from the permanent line.

Of the three new lipsticks from the Parasol spring collection, the only one that had decent colour payoff was #71 Afternoon Delight (extreme right). It's a sweet baby pink that's not really that special or unique. Both #69 Alfresco left) and #70 Chantilly (centre) are incredibly sheer and add more shine than colour. All three feel moisturising but tend to enhance any flakiness in one's lips. At S$39 each, I think these are not really worth the price and the only reason why I purchased all three was because I adored the prints on the packaging. Nevertheless, these are already virtually sold out at the three Paul & Joe counters in Singapore as the stocks that were brought for this collection were extremely scarce as the collection sold incredibly well in Japan.

Of my collection, the most well-used lipstick is Lipstick C #58 Muse (right in pic below) from the Fall 2008 collection. The chocolate shade doesn't look that exciting in the tube but on the lips, it looks classic and elegant, perfect for every day wear. The second most used is Lipstick C #65 Cruising, a ladylike pink from the Fall 2009 collection.

Recently, my Alice in Wonderland Lip Treatment Sticks have also been in heavy rotation, especially when I was travelling in the UK and US. These worked amazingly well at keeping my lips from getting chapped and flaky. These were from a limited edition collection from last March.

Hope you've enjoyed this look at my Paul & Joe lipstick collection!


Anonymous said...

really enjoyed looking at your collections... i've collected a few too... ;> .

Diane said...

I collect the P&J limited edition lipsticks too. They are just too pretty to turn down. Love your collection!

Anonymous said...

Hi just a heads up that the sakura collection is already available in local Starbucks.

Adeline said...

I loved this post!

My favourite lippies are by Dior & Paul & Joe. P&J lippies are very smooth and moisturizing and have very wearable colors! I have both of your favourite colors =p #58 was a full sized GWP and #65 I bought at the recent Ngee Ann City atrium sale (which I found out about from your blog!)

I didn't purchase anything from the recent Parasol collection as I have sooo many lippies to try & finish.

Thanks for sharing!

faye lu said...

such a beautiful colection =) would love to know how you keep the 'shape' of your lipsticks still looking great? do you use a lip brush to apply? mine always look flat >.<

Isla said...

I tried to search for pics of you wearing Lipstick C #58 Muse or #65 Cruising, but I couldn't find any (but maybe I was searching the wrong terms)...do you have any pics with either of them on? :) I'd love to see them on you!

Isla said...

Oh, found one of Cruising! Still couldn't find Muse though!

Anonymous said...

oh i felt to painful coz after finishing the lipstick i actually threw the whole thing away and I should have kept the the cardboard... oh gosh

Anonymous said...

ah i love the alice in wonderland ones...if only they weren't so expensive then, with a set; i'm a sucker for tinted lipbalmy things. paul&joe lipsticks don't quite work for me, still too drying. -stella

Haru said...

Hi Diane,
I'm a fan of pretty much everything done by P&J. It's the only brand that I consistently purchase from every season.

Hi Adeline,
Hope you are enjoying your purchases :) P&J has some fantastic lipstick shades!

Hi Agmini,
I'll try to do a look with Muse soon!

Hi faye,
I apply straight from the tube, I'm too lazy to use a lip brush.

Hi stella,
The Alice lipbalms don't add any colour to the lips, just some shine!

Oh no, you threw the case away? *heartpain*!

Polly said...

Gorgeous collection!!

Sabrina said...

Oooohhhh! How beautiful. I love this post! Such a pretty collection. I need to order the ones from spring soon.

makeupmag said...

I love it when you feature your (exclusive) collections! Thanks for sharing photos of these pretty products! :)