Saturday, 8 September 2007

Anna Sui Skincare

If you're contemplating getting some Anna Sui skincare, you may want to wait for the new collection coming up on 1 October.

1. Moisture Treatment Gel, 2310yen for 15ml: This is a spot moisturiser that is meant to be dabbed on dry patches. It also acts as a makeup base to help your foundation last longer.

2. Pore Treatment Gel, 2310yen for 15ml: Another spot treatment product that helps to cover up pores and absorbs excess oil which helps makeup last longer.

3. Moisturising Body Lotion, 1890yen for 250ml: Has a rose fragrance.

4. Intensive Moisture Kit (limited edition), 3675yen: Includes a Moisturising Intensive Essence 35ml, Moisturising Fluid 50ml and a mini tote bag with a butterfly charm.

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