Sunday, 2 September 2007

Woodbury Common CCO Haul

I got the chance to visit the famous Woodbury Common Premium Outlets today with some friends and as expected, did major damage at the Cosmetics Company Outlet store. I picked up:

1. MAC MSF in Glissade, Lightscapade and Shimpagne, US$17 each except for Glissade which was $15.75 (down from US$24.50)
2. MAC Glimmershimmer Nothing Sweeter, US$11.75 (down from US$16.50)
3. Clinique Shimmering Tones In The Pink (travel edition), US$14
4. Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color #1 Peony and #4 Plum Poppy, US$20.75 each (down from US$29.50)
5. Clinique Glow Crazy Loose Powder #1 Blooming Pink, US$14
6. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks Brownie and Peony, US$26.75 (down from US$38)
7. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and Lip Kit in Tawny and Bronze, US$38.50 each (down from US$55)

I already owned Lightscapade and Glissade but couldn't resist getting backups of these two given the reduced price. I also made a rare venture into Clinique and Bobbi Brown as I've been on a shimmery blush kick for quite some time now and these are usually the most raved products from these two brands. Sorry for the lousy pic as I can only take photos with my Apple laptop's tiny pinhole camera at the moment.


Postpet2 said...

Hey Iris,

Just as per my comment made in your post when you first reached NYC, this is definitely one perk for staying in a country like America!

I'm sure you will make trips to woodbury very often. I went crazy the last round i'm at woodbury and they did not have such great stuff like MSF and clinique flower bloom blusher like you got.

Enjoy your stay!
postpet2 aka evelyn

Anonymous said...

Wow, u managed to get BB's peoney!!! It's LE and no longer available. *green with envy*

Love all your shopping. *darker shade of green with envy* LOL


Anonymous said...


is that the regular price at the outlet or were there additional discounts because of labour day?

did they have any other shimmerbricks?

i'm so envious....

Haru said...

That's the regular price at the CCO. There no were Labour Day specials. Those were all the Shimmer Bricks they had.

Beauty Addict said...

Wow..they even carry LE items? I'm so so jealous of your buy! Haha ;)

Anonymous said...

Great haul! :)

Strawberries n creme said...

Hey, found your blog by chance. Your blog's really cool!!!! Love it! I used to live in Tokyo 4 years back, I know how it feels leaving...went back in April, still my fave. Enjoy your time in NY. I wish to have your life!

Anonymous said...

thanks haru for all the information :)

i just rung them but they don't do phone orders. not my luck.

Anonymous said...

What a great haul from CCO! The one at Gilroy does not have much at all ... Enjoy!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh.....Iris! I was at woodbury one day before you, and had no time to go into the cosmetic shop!

the Muse said...

Fantastic Haul Iris!

Curious about the Peony do let me know how it is!

I'm off to Woodbury sometime this week as I wanna nab a Peony and some of the MSF ;)

They always have pretty good pickings at the Woodbury CCO!