Saturday, 1 September 2007

Shu Uemura Glow-On Revamp

Further to my earlier post on Shu Uemura, Shu has also revamped its entire Glow On Blush range. There are now 40 shades (including 5 new ones) in a new tranparent packaging. There is also a new Brow Concealer series (2940yen, 6 shades) and a set of 4 eyeshadows that are exclusive to Hankyu department store to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The eyeshadows are purple. silver pearl pink, silver purple and beige brown.


Kathi said...

Finally they repackaged the blushes! It was really about time! I think the color variety looks a bit boring, though! I only see one color I like (that raspberry pink one on the left side).
The e/s quad reminds me a bit of Aurora pearl from 2 yrs ago :)

Anonymous said...

argh! why is the shu palette only exclusive, it looks good.