Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Excel Fall collection

Excel's fall collection was released on 10 September in Japan. The collection includes 8 Nail Enamel shades (840yen), 3 shades of Metallic Shadow (1050yen), 5 shades of Powder and Pencil Eyebrow NA (1522yen) and 2 shades of Brow Mascara (1365yen). The Metallic Shadow looks exactly the same as the previous Sparkle Shadow with a similar color line-up! All the new products contain papaya and starfruit extracts as well as Vitamin E. Metallic Shadow M02 Beige can be used all over the eyelid as a base shade while M01 Black works well as a liner shade or for creating smokey eyes.


the Muse said...


I wonder if the singles are like the ones I already have! Hmmm...! Green is definately new but the other two look the same Hmm!

Can't wait!

Kathi said...

=O I want those 3 nail polishes on the other left and the 2 on the right =D I am such a sucker for dark and red n/p these days, I just ordered a big bunch of Bourjois and OPI ones =O

Haru said...

That's not green! It's M01 Black.

the Muse said...

oops i just reread the post ;)

You're right! damn it looks green or is it me?