Saturday, 15 September 2007

Jill Stuart New Skincare

The Jill Stuart website has been updated with the forthcoming new skincare collection due for release on 5 October:

1. Fruits Lip Balm, 1575yen for 7g
2. Brightening Eye Cream, 4200yen for 19g
3. Fruits Hand Cream, 1260yen for 29g and 2520yen for 72g

The Fruits Lip Balm is made with extracts of strawberry, raspberry as well as macadamia nut oil, shea butter and honey in a rhinestone-topped packaging. The Brightening Eye Cream has extracts of strawberry, yuzu and raspberry as well as amino acids for deep moisturising benefits. It comes in a delicate whipped cream texture that is easily absorbed into the skin. The Fruits Hand Cream has extracts of strawberry and raspberry plus emollient ingredients such as royal jelly, shea butter and carrot oil. All the products have Jill Stuart's signature sweet fruity floral aroma. There will also be a limited edition set of lace hand gloves (2625yen) that is meant to be used at night after applying the Fruits Hand Cream.


Karelessly in Love said...

Ooooh I want everything! How come when it comes to Jill Stuart, everything just seems a must-get.

Rabbit said...

AAwww~~~the gloves are cuteee!!

カロリイン said...

Yes, I saw this in Oct Sweet magazine. The glove is so sweet! :)

Anonymous said...

I need the lipbalm!:-\

Kathi said...

As always all looks too cute! Just the scent would be overwhelming me (it's really strong, even in the e/s)