Monday, 10 September 2007

Kiss Website Update

Kiss' website has been updated with the new Moist Base UV Nuance Color (1680yen for 34g) and Pure Bloom Cheeks blushes (1470yen). The Moist Base UV Nuance contains hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramide, apricot extract and chamomile extract and is unfragranced. It comes in 3 shades:

#1 Natural - for a translucent, baby-like natural finish and to correct skin coarseness
#2 Shiny Rose - to lighten skintone by one shade, for a more glowy, rosy finish and correct skin dullness
#3 Banana - for a semi-matte porcelain finish and natural coverage of redness and acne scars

The Pure Bloom Cheeks are imprinted with a heart design and contain chamomile extract. These come in a new gold plastic case that is much sturdier than the existing Dual Fairy Blush. It is available in 4 shades:

#1 Bougainvillea: Vivid Pink x Pink Beige for a soft girly effect
#2 Cosmos: Fresh Orange x Coral Pink for a cute effect
#3 Sweet Pea: Flower Red x Pastel Pink for an innocent effect
#4 Rose: Skin Beige x Rose Pink for a feminine effect

In the pic on the left, the model is wearing Moist Base UV Nuance Color #2 Shiny Rose and Pure Bloom Cheeks #1 Bougainvillea and in the pic on the right, she is wearing Moist Base UV Nuance Color #1 Natural and Pure Bloom Cheeks #2 Cosmos. In both pics, she is wearing Mascara Premium Long #3, Eye Prism Gradation #1 and Rouge Pure Glace #24.


Kathi said... huge lemmings here. I don't like the new gold packaging to be honest. Looks a bit cheap IMO. The pink one is pretty but I think I'll pass =D

Anonymous said...

This is rather pretty!

Anonymous said...

I'm more interested in the new UV base as I really like the previous one! I do wish it has higher SPF. Its only SPF20 PA++. :(