Thursday, 27 September 2007

Armani Holiday Collection

Armani will launch their holiday collection on 9 November in Japan. The collection includes:

1. Smooth Silk Eye Pencil in Sparkling Silver (3,045yen)

2. Smooth Silk Lip Pencil #13 rosewood (2,625yen)

3. Fluid Shine Nail Polish #34 vivid red (3150yen)

4. Black Gem Top Coat - mascara top coat with sparkling red glitter (4200yen)

5. Black Gem Shine Lipstick #39 sparkling beige with silver pearl and #40 ruby red with red pearl (3,990yen)

6. Black Gem Lip Shimmer #41 opal white and #42 juicy beige pink (3,675yen)

7. Black Gem Palette: shimmery cream highlighter on top layer and a blush embossed with the GA logo on the bottom. 2 variations (12,600yen)

8. Black Gem Jewel For Lip: Lipgloss pendant studded with Swarowski crystals, includes a mirror. (21,000yen).

The collection sounds delightful but as usual, the products are priced out of the average consumer's reach. Seriously, how many women would pay about US$200 for a lipgloss pendant, no matter how shiny it is?! Also, Armani palettes with the two layer design are usually priced at 8400yen but the holiday ones are a whopping 50% more expensive!


Kathi said...

Woaw, 3150 Yen for nail polish!! Over 4000 for a top coat!! The pricings are really insane!

Anonymous said...

The Black Gem Palette sounds niceI:-) I hope the blush is similar to the #2,#10 or #11!