Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Maquillage Winter collection

Pics of Maquillage's holiday collection can be viewed here. The collection includes a lip palette with four shades and what looks like a shimmery face powder. The release date is 21 November for Japan.




Anonymous said...

acutally, i hate maquillage's packaging. wish they'll make it more cutesy,.

Haru said...

Same here but I think their target audience is young professional women, hence the more classic (i.e. boring) packaging and muted color range. I hate how the palettes all have that funny hexagonal shape though!

Anonymous said...

do you happen to know what is the eye shadow used on anne in the current ads on the webby

Kathi said...

blah, I am not into lip palettes. It's pretty but just lip palettes are a PITA in my opinion :P
I wonder how that powder will be, I am quite fond of MQ's powders

Rabbit said...

Mmmm! New powder! =)
Gotta check it in november.