Saturday, 1 September 2007

Bourjois Fall Collection

Mini Bourjois will also have a new collection out on 26 September in Japan:

1. Effect 3D Mobile lipgloss #17 Frosty White and #18 Cool Blue (682yen, 1.7ml)
2. Eye Dressing (mini eyeshadow) #72 (630yen)
3. Eye Dressing Case Trio (420yen)
4. Eye Dressing Case Duo (315yen)
5. Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara (840yen)

The new eyeshadow cases and mini mascara look so adorable! I have some of the mini eyeshadows and the texture is excellent, super smooth and pigmented.

Not to be outdone by its little sister, Bourjois will also be releasing a new mascara, Volume Clubbing (2205yen, in 3 shades), and a new eyeliner, Liner Clubbing (1575yen in 6 shades) and La Creme lipgloss (1575yen in 7 shades).


Rabbit said...

Hardcore lemming on the new eyeliners!! The whole collection is cute, too!
Thanks for the info, Haru!

Anonymous said...

These look so cute!! Do you know if Sg will be launching it?

Haru said...

I have no idea but I don't think these are Japan-exclusive.

Anonymous said...

I saw them in Bugis and IMO, I think the tiny l/s are cute but not really worth the price. They were even smaller than I imagine!