Saturday, 15 September 2007

Kate Sweet Manish

Kate's website currently features a "Sweet Manish" makeup tutorial.

Dual Carat BR3 is used all over the eye area followed by using Liquid Eyeliner N BK1 to draw a line about 5mm thick along the upper lash line. The jagged lines along the lower lashline are created using Super Sharp Liner BK1. Designing Eyebrow N BR4 is used to defined the brows, followed by Liquid Eyebrow BR1 to add the finishing touches. Finally, Cheek Color N OR1 is brushed on the apples of the cheeks.


Anonymous said...

kate's style model is not so attractive :(

Rabbit said...

Yeah, I also think she isn't very attractive. (O.o) But The look is quite pretty.♥

Andrea Leite Marques said...

Hello! Actually I've been talking a lot about that eye makeup technique lately! My Mother used that in the 60's and I was remembering it because I thought it looked quirky! She told me yesterday that the lower lashes paint was created by Mary Quant at the time, and it was all the rage along with the mini-skirts and paper dresses! I think it's great, but I could not use it - I would look like a raccoon due to my deep-set eyes!
I kinda like Mika Nakashima - while she is not a vavavoom beauty, she looks like a girl next door to me!
Haruchan: I love your blog and read it regularly, but I am a lazy poster and only today have left a comment! :O
Really lazy me! Thanks for posting such wonderful news! Talk to you soon,

Kathi said...

I don't really like the way they lined her eyes, I don't think it's particularly flattering her.
What I wonder all the time...what does Sweet Manish mean exactly? LOL

Anonymous said...

What a clean eye look!