Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tokidoki LeSportSac, Laura Mercier & Bitten Haul

It's Labour Day in the US today so it was another chance to hit the shops. I went to 5th Avenue first and to my surprise, found the LeSportSac Tokidoki in Trasporto series in Lord & Taylor's. After a long deliberation, I decided to get it in the Zucca style (US$184) as it's roomy and stylish at the same time. The print is just too adorable with the Tokidoki characters zipping around in little space ships, flying carpets, pogo sticks, hot air balloons and even dinosaurs and elephants! The only thing I didn't really like is the grey background. The bag would have been much prettier if it was a white or black background. I read somewhere online that the LSS Tokidoki series will end after this Christmas season, which is a real pity as I've enjoyed collecting the various whimsical prints.

At the Manhattan Mall, I also got two necklaces from Steve & Barry's Bitten line (by Sarah Jessica Parker) and a blue lace camisole top. One is a Y-style necklace with matte gold discs while the other is a trio of gunmetal grey necklaces in varying lengths with a heart. These were only $5.99 each. The Steve & Barry's in Manhattan Mall currently stocks the Bitten line as well as Dear by Amanda Bynes. Both lines offer a great range of affordable basics, such as jeans, casual wear, sleepwear, underwear, accessories and shoes. And the most remarkable thing is that everything is priced under $20. The quality is in general quite decent but the designs are really very basic. I liked the pajamas, camisole tops and shorts which are super soft and comfortable. Many of the reviews for Bitten have been negative or just underwhelmed as most people expected a more hip or fashionable line from SJP. But I think it's great that she did a line that tried to reach out to a wider segment of the average consumer rather than just the high fashion crowd who are already spoilt for choice as it is. Last week, I bought two tops from Dear, a long sleeved shirt and t-shirt from Bitten and the total came up to less than $40!

Final haul of the day was at the Laura Mercier counter where I picked up the new Blue Sky eyeshadow quad ($38) and Kohl Eye Pencils ($19) in Black Gold and Black Turquoise. These were my first purchase ever from LM. I've had my eye on the Blue Sky quad for several days as I love the mix of metallic teals, navy and blue-ish black. I rarely buy eyeliner pencils but the Kohl Eye Pencils had a great soft texture with excellent color payoff. Black Gold is a burnished bronzed gold and Black Turquoise is a gorgeous teal shade.


Anonymous said...

Oh Iris, your LSS Tokidoki bag is so cute!! I like your necklaces too! :)

Anonymous said...

The new LSS you got is very cute!! Love the prints! Sounds like you had a great haul this weekend! Enjoy!

tinkerbelly said...

Hi Iris,

Great haul!

I want the tokidoki bag also :(

Anonymous said...

oh yeah! i have my eye on LM's stormy collection as well. wonder when will it reach sg.......

the blue quad sounds lovely. howz the other grey quad?

btw, any news on V. beckham's dvb cosmetics line launching soon in japan

Anonymous said...

Oh Iris, the Tokidoki is so cute!

Great LM haul! Pls review after using! Recently I ventured into their loose setting powder and loving it!

The gold necklace on the right is very nice!

Hope you're adpating well to your new environment.

Take care!
pinkdolphi1 jaslyn (^_^)

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS PRINT! I'm waiting for my BV! :D

Do review the LM. :)

the Muse said...

oh the jealousy! I'm green with envy!

I heart TokiDoki :)

Haru said...

The LM grey quad looked blah to me so I didn't take a closer look at it. I haven't heard about Beckham's line.

Anonymous said...

That Tokidoki bag is awesome! What a great find. Has anyone seen this article about the Peter Som and Lord & Taylor deal?


It would be so cool if the deal goes through!