Saturday, 22 September 2007

Biteki November Issue

Picked up the November issue of Biteki ($13.60) at Kinokuniya yesterday. The new issues of Maquia, Voce, CanCam, Vivi and Ray had all arrived as well. Biteki comes with a brown mesh zip pouch with two sample sachets of Est Lift Support Deepeffector (cream) and Lift Support Multieffector (a gel serum). The features include a spotlight on three designer makeup brands, Paul & Joe, Jill Stuart and Anna Sui; makeup tutorials on how to line the lower eyelid for different impact, creating a soft, feminine look; and even an article examining the benefits of applying skincare with bare hands versus using cotton pads!

There is also a detailed makeup tutorial for the grey and pink-themed cover look which used Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes #6 Glazed Garnet, Esprique Precious Eye Color Select BR301, Estee Lauder Brilliant Shimmer Face Powder #4, Lunasol High Stylize Mascara EL #1, Integrate Live FIx Rouge BE291, Elegance Comfiture Gloss #4 and Dior Nail Polish #183. Here's a brief summary:

1. Brush the grey shade (2nd from right) in JS Brilliance Eyes #6 from the lash line to the crease area in a gradational way, i.e. with the greatest intensity at the lash line and more sheer as you move upwards.

2. Using the same grey shade, line the lower eyelid from the outer corner to about two-thirds of the way towards the inner corner.

3. Brush the Esprique Precious eyeshadow as a highlight shade under the brow.

4. Use the darkest shade from the JS Brilliance Eyes palette to line the upper lashline.

5. Brush the light pink shade (on extreme left) in JS Brilliance Eyes #6 in a triangular shaped area just under the inner corner of the eyes for a brightening effect.

6. Apply the Lunasol mascara.

7. Mix the shades in the Estee Lauder face powder and brush it on the apples of the cheeks.

8. Apply the Integrate lipstick followed by the Elegance lipgloss.

The December issue of Biteki will not only feature the Christmas collections but it will also include samples of the new Tsubaki Golden Repair shampoo and conditioner (white series). Check out the new Tsubaki commercial here featuring 6 Japanese actresses.


Kathi said...

Thanks so much for the breakdown! The model looks pretty =D

Anonymous said...

hmm, is it really better to use hands than cotton pads?

Unknown said...

Thanks iris for the step by step. Am wondering how to use it exactly! :)

Haru said...

For toners, it is definitely better to use cotton rather than just bare hands for a more even and thorough application. For other types of skincare, it depends on the individual product.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me how many pages are in this magazine and is Biteki the Best makeup magazine (with lots of pictures, etc.) Thanks!

Haru said...

This issue of Biteki has about 350 pages. Biteki is one of the best Japanese beauty magazines with good makeup tutorials and lots of pics but as the text is all in Japanese, it can be hard to pick up all the tips unless you can read Japanese. My other favourite is Voce. I don't always buy both as I usually see what's in each magazine before I decide.