Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Canmake New Collection

Japanese makeup brands excel in producing great eyeliners that are both easy to use and long lasting without being too tough to remove. Canmake has debuted another two to add to its already vast array of eyeliner products. Deep & Lasting Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner that comes in a slim brush applicator. It is recommended for ladies with double eyelids and who wish to create a more dramatic, sexy look while Perfect Black Liner is a felt pen liner that is easy to use even for beginngers. Perfect Black Liner is recommended for ladies with single or double eyelids and who wish to create a more romantic, cute look. The two eyeliners come in only black and both contain extracts of rosemary, aloe vera and chamomile. There is also a trio of nude nail polishes for creating the perfect polished, French manicure.

1. Deep & Lasting Eyeliner (735yen): slim brush type liner
2. Perfect Black Liner (945yen): felt pen type liner
3. Super Gloss Coat (609yen)
4. Gloss Fit Nail in #1 Yellow Beige, #2 Pearl Beige and #3 Pink Beige (609yen)
5. Super Cal Base Hardener (609yen)

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