Thursday, 27 September 2007

Mary Quant Christmas Coffrets

Mary Quant, a British fashion designer who became famous in the 1960s for her mod-themed looks, has her own line of makeup and skincare in Japan where it is retailed in department stores and specialty stores such as Plaza Style. The makeup line retains the youthful, pop sensibility of Mary Quant's style with its signature floral logo and vibrant color palette. The release date is 2 November.

1. Part Deux! Makeup Set (7,350yen): Nail Polish (N) X-02, Lip Pop, Pop Blush, makeup pouch

2. Part Deux! Skincare Set (8,925yen): Cleansing Gel 30g, Washing Milk 30g, Toning Lotion 50ml, Moisture Milk 20ml, Moisture Cream 10g, Moisture Balm 8g, Flower Cotton (16 pieces), pouch

3. Part Deux! Body Care Set (9,975yen): Sea Maid Massage Scrub 50g, Sea Maid Firm Essence 50g, Sea Maid Moisture Cream 50ml, Sea Maid Reset Bath Tablet (25gx5), pouch and towel

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