Saturday, 1 September 2007

Tiffa Fall Collection

Tiffa's new collection is due out on 1 September in Japan (but most likely to already be in stores). Tiffa is a low-end drugstore brand owned by Kanebo. Almost all the products are priced 1050yen or lower and there is usually a 20% discount on Tiffa in Japanese drugstores. The new products are:

1. Beauty Rouge Gloss in 4 shades (892yen): long-lasting shimmery lipglosses in Milky Apricot, Sweet Candy, Cherry Cassis and Nudey Beige.
2. Beauty Color Liner in 4 shades (1050yen): pen-type shimmery liquid eyeliner that can be removed easily with warm water.
3. Body Butter (body cream) (682yen for 50g): made with hyaluronic acid, amino acids, rose water and French rose extract for deep moisturising benefits.

The Beauty Color Liner comes in black, gold, silver and pink. Currently, there is only one review on and it's positive. The reviewer is also a fan of Majolica Majorca's Neo Automatic Eyeliners and said that the Tiffa liners in pink and silver filled a gap in the MM color lineup. She also said that the Tiffa Beauty Color Liners are extremely easy to apply and their best feature is that the color payoff is excellent. There is also a review of the Body Butter that gives it only 3 stars out of 7. The reviewer noted that the rose fragrance did not last long and the cream did not sink in totally on application but left a slightly sticky feel.

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