Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Laura Mercier Blue Sky quad

I tried out the Laura Mercier Blue Sky palette today and overall, I would give it 4 stars out of 5. It didn't totally knock my socks off but the colors did work well together and were quite flattering without being too loud. It's a good option to explore if you're looking to try blue eyeshadows for the first time but are afraid of looking too retro or clownish. The shades are a deep black with blue shimmer, shimmery midnight blue, a metallic teal and a shimmery pale blue. The shimmer is most intense in the light blue shade and more sparse and muted in the black shade.

The color payoff was decent with the eyeshadows applying a bit sheer at first but can be easily layered for greater intensity. It's not as pigmented or as intensely shimmery as Jill Stuart's Brilliance Eyes #2 Crystal Jade or Visee's Jewel Crush Eyes E-3 but the eyeshadows are soft and easy to blend. I didn't have any problems with the eyeshadows flying all over the place or dropping onto my cheeks as can sometimes be the case when the texture is too powdery (like with Jill Stuart). What surprised me was the pale blue shade which applied as a gorgeous wash of icy light blue in the crease but at the same time, could be applied lightly as a wash over the brow bone area without appearing too frosty. After 12 hours of wear, there was a bit of fading and creasing at the inner corners but that may be more the fault of the eyeshadow primer that I use. All in all, I would say this is a nice addition to anyone's makeup stash as it is very easy to wear. The colors complement one another perfectly and the texture of the eyeshadows is pretty good. But if you're looking for more dramatic colors with more intense shine, I would recommend Jill Stuart's Brilliance Eyes, Visee's Jewel Crush Eyes or Testimo's Frame Impact Eyes palettes instead.

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