Sunday, 30 September 2007

Privacy Eyelash Curlkeeper

I came across this intriguing innovative product from Privacy on The Eyelash Curlkeeper (945yen, 20g) is like a hairspray for keeping your eyelashes curled for several hours. The Eyelash Curlkeeper is super easy to use. Just spray it on the external part of the metal above the rupper pad and then use your curler as usual. It also comes with a rose fragrance and has moisturising and treatment ingredients for helping to keep your lashes healthy. There are only a handful of reviews on so far but most of them are positive and noted that this really works to help keep lashes curled for several hours even without applying mascara.


Kathi said...

That sounds like a really interesting product! Really, the Japanese come up with everything cool!

Anonymous said...

Sounds really interesting!! I would love to try it! Sg should have more of such interesting products.