Tuesday 22 June 2010

About Rouge Deluxe & Beauty Blogging

I've debated writing this post for awhile now, and figured I'd just put it out there for what it's worth. I started writing this blog when I was living in Tokyo in 2007 and continued doing so after I moved back to Singapore in September 2007. Rouge Deluxe was started because at that time, there were very few online sources in English for information on new releases by Japanese beauty brands, which I was interested in. So I figured a blog was the easiest way of compiling and posting all the information, instead of posting them on forum boards like MakeupAlley or Cozycot where they would quickly be lost amidst the flood of new posts.

"Haru" or "haruchan" was my nickname on MakeupAlley and Cozycot, so I adopted it for the blog. "Haru" means "spring" in Japanese, and is a common name in Japan, as well as the name of a character in one of my favourite Japanese drama, "真夏のメリークリスマス" (Manatsu no Merry Christmas). My real name, as many of you know by now, is Iris and I am a Singaporean of Chinese descent. I've lived in the UK, US and Japan and officially been a makeup addict for about 10 years now (and member of MakeupAlley since Dec 2001!).

Rouge Deluxe's primary objective is a simple one, to write about the beauty brands and products that I love and anything else that happens to catch my interest at the moment, be it clothes, shoes, food, magazines or travel. It is not a money-making tool which is why there are absolutely zero ads on the blog. I like to keep things simple and prefer not to have to worry about my blog stats, number of page views and hits etc. Anything that I receive from companies to review is stated clearly and upfront, and I never do paid reviews or advertorials. I have a full-time job which finances my beauty habit (fortunately!) but for reasons of privacy, I do not answer questions about my profession on my blog. My blog is purely my hobby and I intend to keep it as that.

For ladies who are contemplating starting your own beauty blog, here's some advice based on what I've learnt over the past 3+ years of blogging. Please feel free to take it or leave it, as your objectives, perspective and values could well be very different from mine.

1. Find your own niche: Figure out what you want your blog to be about and what you would like to focus on. Is it just about posting information on new collections/sales/events or do you want to offer more in-depth product reviews? For me, there's nothing more boring than a blog that just copies new collection info from other blogs.

2. Develop your own style: The blogs that are the most memorable and interesting to read are those that develop a unique style, that is instantly identifiable with the individual blogger. It can be the way that you write, how you organise your product reviews, the personality that comes across in your posts, your other personal interests etc. Some bloggers take this to the extreme and it can become more of a turn-off but you can't please everyone.

3. Get the fundamentals right: That means getting your grammar and language right. Some bloggers write in the style of instant phone/text messaging, with the attendant bad spelling and acronyms. That may be their 'style' but to me, it just comes across as lazy writing. Some of the grammar and spelling is so atrocious, I've had friends ask me if that blogger is even educated! Just as people will judge you by your outward appearance (clothes, makeup, hair etc), it is only natural that people will also judge you by how you speak and write. Some of the most common mistakes I see are bloggers who can't tell the difference between "its" versus "it's", "complementary" versus "complimentary", or "advise" versus "advice". It's just poor form and presentation. Ask yourself if that is really how you want to present yourself to the world?

4. Grow a thick skin: The online community is like high school with its cliques and immature, petty or jealous people who think nothing of throwing insults and abuse at total strangers just because they think they are shielded by the anonymity of the Internet. Writing a beauty blog, especially one in which you post pictures of yourself, invites the inevitable "hater". For that reason, some beauty bloggers do not post pictures of themselves and I can understand that. But I find that the best and most useful beauty blogs are still those where you can actually see how the products are used on the blogger, often in very creative ways that provide a great source of inspiration. Ultimately, it depends on your own comfort level and how self-confident you are in dealing with the inevitable crappy comments that will come your way. To me, haters are like rude drivers in Singapore. They will always be around heckling you but just ignore them and move on.

5. Moderate your comments: This is so that people don't get free license to crap all over your blog or spam your blog with ads. I do delete comments that are purely hateful or offensive. These people are basically just itching to get a reaction and I will not allow them to spew their negativity on my blog. Recently, a reader left a comment asking me if another blogger (who is a friend) was slimmer in real life. Erm, why would I ever answer a question like that?! If a reader is just plain rude, I have no qualms about telling them off in my reply (see Tokyo Banana post).

6. Be honest: I believe that most readers are well-informed and have a good 'bullshit detector'. If you are just shilling a product for a company, it shows quite easily, especially if the blog post is nothing more than a regurgitation of the official press release. If readers wanted only a gushing review, they would read a magazine instead of a blog. Readers visit blogs because they want more honest, unbiased product reviews. They usually just want to know the basics: does it work, is it worth the price, how/where can I get it? If you come across as gushing over a product only because you received it for free, or are being paid to write about it, at the end of the day, your own credibility gets undermined.

7. Be committed: Blogging on a regular basis takes a lot of time and energy, not just in terms of finding new topics or products to write about but also how to write about them in an interesting, informative way. Doing it on a consistent and regular basis is one of the most important ways of developing a loyal readership. It can be difficult if you have a demanding full-time job or other life priorities but doing anything worthwhile and doing it well takes patience and commitment. For me, I blog mainly at night and on the weekends as that is when I have the most free time but some bloggers prefer to take the whole weekend off. If you are taking an extended break from blogging or plan to stop altogether, at least have the courtesy to inform your readers. Just abandoning your blog without any notice is poor manners to anyone who takes the time to visit your blog. Beauty Addict used to be one of the most established beauty blogs and was even mentioned in the New York Times, but quite a few readers left angry comments on her blog when she just disappeared for extended periods of time without warning.

Personally, the greatest reward about blogging is being able to develop friendships across the world. I've met some truly wonderful ladies thanks to the blog. It is also very gratifying when I receive comments from readers saying how much they appreciate and enjoy the blog. My goal is not to be the best and biggest, only to be useful to my readers, wherever they may be in the world. I check my blog stats only every other month or so, and am always surprised to see the countries that my readers are located in.

Alright, that's quite a long and wordy post (without any pics to boot) so I'll stop here. Do feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions in the comments section! Although if your question is about how to increase blog traffic and revenue, I seriously have no advice in that respect.


Sheila said...

Great post, thanks Iris!

W Dvienne said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog one fine Saturday afternoon when I was searching for Hello Kitty magazine freebies, & I found myself just reading for hours! I really like your blog because it is very informative wtih nice pics (even though I'm not a makeup person). Keep up the good work!!

Lups said...

Thank you Haru-chan for your blog. I lived in Japan for 2 years and fell in love with it! I miss everything related to that country and I find in your blog all the things that used to catch my eye (make up related) and more. It is like a breath of fresh air to me, really!! I used to enjoy so much testing all the Japanese make up (which by the way I think is brilliant!) so, as I said before, your blog is like a make-up home away from home.

Elana said...

I loved this post =). You're great! Keep up the amazing work! I love visiting your blog and reading about all these foreign goodies =D

The Misery Chick said...

I love your blog! :) And you pretty much increased my awareness of Japanese brands.

I didn't pay as much attention to Japanese brands many years back (thought I was too dark for their products, I'm NC30), but since I found your blog, they are high high up on my radar. :) I am a Lunasol monster now! If only I can get my hands on some Addiction or Suqqu.....

evie said...

i love your blog!! most of the time i search your blog before thinking of buying them or not ..oops does that means i'm a bad blogger?..haha cos i thought that since i always read other people blog and decided to make one to give my own reviews..but i'm not so consistent as i think that sometime i don't think i'm that interesting and i don't want to bore people~

shopaholic said...

hi, reading your blog has been a ritual for me, even when i was on the way to the airport, grocery, home, office, alone in a hotel room (like now), etc...

your effort is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I do like your honesty & respect your for that.Unlike deceitful bloggers who are out to make bucks but refuses to admit it when confronted yet goes around spamming her bloglinks & luring people to read her blog by putting in teasers of sale info.For that its to be shamed.Keep urs up good! =)


Haru said...

Hi Sheila,

Hi Dvienne,
Wow, that's really interesting to hear! Thank you for reading even though you're not into makeup :-) I'm really touched by that.

hi Lupita,
Same here, I miss a lot about living in Japan, although I do enjoy being back home in Singapore as well. Fortunately, we get many Japanese brands in Singapore now. Hope you have the chance to re-visit Japan soon!

Hi Elana,
Thank you :-)

Hi Maya,
Japanese brands do tend to be more sheer in terms of their colour makeup, as they like that translucent look but there are still a good number of brands that release more dramatic and intense shades. Addiction is quite hard to get hold of as there are only a handful of counters within Japan but there are some websites that sell it, though at a marked up price. Suqqu, at least is available outside of Japan (in London and Bangkok), but again, it's very expensive.

hi shopaholic,
Thanks, hope you enjoy your current trip!

hi evie,
I don't think that makes you a bad blogger at all. Just blog at the pace that you are comfortable with. I read the blogs that I follow in a feedreader so most of the time, I don't even keep track of which blogs have not been updated in some time as I only read the new posts as they get picked up by my Google Reader, rather than visit the individual blog websites.

hi Serene,
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi Iris,

I am so sorry, I used to think your name was Haru @@

Now that I know, I hope not to make that mistake again.

Your post is very informative. I have started blogging since last year so I am kind of a newbie...lol, I am quite surprised about the rude comment asking if someone else is fatter in real life? Since blogging, I have met some really nice people, I've not yet come across any rude ones yet but that really shocked me.

I enjoy coming to visit you so would you mind if i add you to my blogroll?

Please let me know either way.
Very much appreciated.


leechie said...

Great posting!!! yours is the first beauty blog tt i go to whenever i need beauty product info...i read it every nite...lol

n what u said really makes sense...although it's a cyberworld, ppl can still detect slightest tinge of insincerity, esp when they copy product info n events n entice ppl to visit their blogs for sale info or mag freebies -.-" n we shld juz ignore those cyberbullies...they seriously need a life -.-"

Haru said...

hi Lisa,
There's no need to apologise at all, I don't mind if people call me 'Haru' at all. And of course, you can add me to your blogroll if you wish (that's not really something you need to ask permission for!). Good luck with your blog, will go visit it in a bit!

hi leechie,
thank you!

Chantana said...

Great Post!!!

I reading your update on Japanese products and everything ^__^

miss claret said...

Thank you for posting these useful tips!
Aa a reader I can tell that you love what you do - keep up the great work :)

Hokkyokusei said...

Thank you for this informative, wonderful post! That is exactly why I adore your blog- it's simple to navigate, fun and gets right down to the basics with a few extras thrown in (like posts about snacks! lol) I especially appreciate all of the photos which make me feel like I am right back in Japan! Even though I'm no longer living there, it's amazing to be able to keep up with the new goodies on a daily basis. While I do frequent Japanese blogs for news also, I like to hear and read people's opinions from a different perspective, especially when my sensibilities and preferences aren't completely Japanese (for example, my skin color and so forth aren't "usual" so what looks good on someone there may not work on me). This is where your blog comes in!

Plus quite many others based on Asian products sometimes are so wrapped up in just the aesthetics like packaging and designs that I get the feeling they don't actually use the product itself.. which doesn't help me in making a decision to buy an item or not. (Frightening how many admit they only buy the items based on how cute it looks! I admit, design is a plus but I actually use everything I buy.) Shipping costs are too expensive to just waste!

Please keep writing so we can continue to enjoy your reviews!

Nona said...

Iris, I really love your blog since the first time I found it :)
Being an anonymous reader and following this blog whenever I get online *like a stalker...lol*
Sorry I can't resist to increase this blog traffic because your blog is very inspiring :D
Not only informative, your blog is also inspiring me to make my own blog about my favorite in life even though English is not my first or second language...lol
Well I think blogging can help me to improve my English a bit and I have to grow a thick skin for my mistakes in the fundamentals to keep my blog alive :D

However, it's a perfect coincidence, when I need the advice, you share it...thank you very much for the advices :)

Mi said...

Just in case you don't know, I love love love your blog! I started reading a while back but without any urge to buy makeup or beautify myself, it was just reading on and off. Recently I decided to take make up seriously and your blog became a great source of info before I buy a product. I started a blog recently on product reviews too, and I decided that my niche is my hauls whenever I have one. Sad to say though, I am unable to gather much comments in my personal blog, I doubt I can do so in this new review blog too....sometimes I felt like begging for comments even....LOL Bottomline is, keep up the good work regardless, and I inspire to have a blog like ypurs one day!

wyf said...

Your blog is one of the very 1st beauty & makeup blog I stumbled upon & since then I'm hooked. I read your blog about 4-5 times a week & although I do not purchase everything you raved about, I still find your blog informative & entertaining. Sometimes I am too lazy & will just declared myself as anonymous when I make a comment.

pinkribbons said...

Hi, this blog post is very timely for me (I just recently started my own blog). Thanks for giving us some of your advice on your own experience. I will definitely persevere with it.

MarciaF said...

This is an excellent post and I really enjoyed reading it. Many of your thoughts are identical to mine (which might be why). In addition I love when you show pictures of you and your fellow friends at events because I get to see pictures of my long time, faraway, friend Mag in them.

misshazel said...

<3 lovely post

dark nyx said...

Good read, thanks for the post! Just to let you know, I really enjoy reading your posts...especially the ones about magazine freebies! I used to just randomly visit the bookstore and if I'm lucky, find freebies that haven't flown off the shelf yet. Anywho, I totally agree with 3 and 4. About #3, I also hate it when people chose to use "f" this, "f" that as an adjective. I don't know if you've come across any blogs like that...they sound so awful!

Keep up the good work!

Trixi said...

Nice! Not much of a beauty blogger myself though I write a melting pot of everything else... I admire how much effort and commitment you beauty bloggers put into your entries! Keep it going :)

Ivy Low said...

hi iris...i started reading your blog only 2-3mths back but now it's like a daily routine. even so, I still miss some posts! it really shows your dedication to maintaining your blog. thanks for the wide array of information on your blog.

Anonymous said...

like your blog alot! i have always found that you handle haters very graciously. good work on that too!

Lora said...

Thank for this extremely informative post! I recently started blogging again and find all this very useful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Iris,

I love your blog! Not only I learn beauty product info but also I enjoy very much your way of elegant writing.

yy said...

Your blog is a sheer joy to read, I have been hooked since I first stumbled upon it recently. Kudos to you! :)

Yumeko said...

you are definetely one of my fave blogger ladies which i am so glad i have met

i might pop to singapore again soon and i would definetely want to meet up again ^^

Sophia said...

Hi Iris, couldn't agree with you more on the points you raised in this entry.
Finding a niche, being true and the language! Geesh! :) As a 'beauty' blogger for about as long as you, I have seen changes and everything to the blogging scene, and I have tried as far as I can to keep things the way they are when I have started, take in the good points (the networking, meeting new like-minded friends, etc) and ignore the crap (negativity, and the risk of being too commercialised.. cos after all, it's still my own personal beauty blog, not an endorsement for companies).

makeupmag said...

Hi dear,

Again I will say that Rouge Deluxe is the best beauty blog in SG. I love it for its unbiased reviews, consistent updates (something I aspire to) and beauty news. I'm blessed to have found your blog and to have you as a friend. :)

pf1123 said...

Hi Iris,

I'm a regular reader of your blog. However, I hardly make any comments.

Thanks for sharing your interest in Japanese makeup on your blog. It really helped me to keep in touch of the new items in the Japanese market because I can't read Japanese. It is nice and entertaining to read.

Recently I have also gained an interest in Japanese fashion magazines. Your posts on them are great info as well.

I note that there are some styling tips in those magazines which seems to be quite detailed (I saw 1 article which compares 28.5cm, 29cm and 30cm pant leg width to show how it looks with a certain outfit!). However, I can't read the words. Just a suggestion...if you would like to...could you share some of those styling tips which you read in those magazines?

It would be awesome if you can do that. But this is your blog, so you can decide. :)

Thanks for the hard work again.

MudpieVivi said...

Bravo! Thanks for the tips Iris! Ok gotta get back to reading your blog now hehe... :P

Kathi said...

That´s well said! =D I love your blog, it was the first one I started to read and the first one I check in the morning =D *hugs*

BeautyOnTheWay said...

I'm one of your big fans, really impressed by your posting speed and all the latest info you got. Thank you~~!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Iris - for always so graciously giving updated informations like good deals which I have benefitted many a time. I truly understand that it takes great efforts and time to keep up with one's blog. I wish you happiness always.
Warmest regards, Virginia

Sabrina said...

I <3 you for writing this post. Great advice and I love everything you wrote. I have followed your blog regularly - even long before I started. You have always been an inspiration to me, even when you feature brands and products I don't have access to because I can see your passion in what you do. You feature a great mix of brands. I loved that you featured Japanese magazines because that's how I discovered some which I love love love.

You've inspired me to track down Paul & Joe and I credit you for helping me. I don't have immediate access to the line, so purchasing sight unseen, shelling out money for the product + expensive shipping was a risk. But your reviews, photos and descriptions put me at ease and I have since come to love the line like CRAZY.

I am glad to read why you moderate your comments. Although I am so sorry for the hate, it does make me feel better to know I am not the only one. Bloggers like you make me feel like I am not alone (in the blogging world that is).

Thank you for all your wonderful articles. I'm glad you write everyday. I don't comment as much as I would like to but know that I read it multiple times a day and it's great.

Unknown said...

Hi Iris,
I discovered your blog just by chance and, since then, I keep reading it. I totally agree with everything you say. For someone who doesn't have a good command in English your blog has been the perfect way to combine my two hobbies: make up and languages. I can practice English in an entertaining way. You can't imagine, for someone like me, how frustating it is when you find blogs full of contractions or too informal writing difficult to follow. So I look at your blog as the BBC of the blogosphere ;). Congratulations, you're doing a fantastic job.

Jayne said...

If there is a "like" button here, i would "like" this a 100 times! :) I love reading your blog. I never fail to check back every now and then and will always be plesantly surprised at how you update so regularly. Your blog will always be one of my "go to" pages if i need any information/reviews on makeup products! even looking back to your older blog posts to search for the product i am thinking of buying! :))

Anonymous said...

Dear Iris, I've been a silent reader of your blog for about 2 years now and have always found reading it a pleasure :)
Please keep up the good work and thank you!

Anonymous said...

hi haru,
i've been reading ur blog for more than a year now n I would like to thank u for this blog, committment towards it n honest great reviews. n erm this is my first time commenting!
thank u again n bless u!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice Iris. I discovered your blog in 2007, shortly before my first trip to Singapore. Since then, I've been back yearly- I love it, and your posts have often helped me to find new, fantastic products and fill baskets in Watsons!
I've recently started my own blog (books- my other Singapore shopping spree) and the advice is very well timed. Thanks again :)

Unknown said...

hihi! (^_^)/
this is a really great post! i love your blog and visits it daily, even though i don't really use makeup (as i am still a student in singapore T.T)
however i am really interested in cosmetics -- especially japanese brands -- and i have gained a lot from reading your blog!
your posts are always interesting and informative, with a nice personal touch :'3
i also appreciate the effort you make in constantly updating your blog despite having a full time job.
keep it up! (^__^)

Nonno said...

Hi Iris,

This is pretty abrupt but I don't know anyone else who might know... Do you know if duty-free Lunasol or JS items are available at Haneda airport (int'l terminal)?



Ai Wei said...

Hi Haru!

I absolutely LOVE your blog! Your blog has been a great source of information and inspiration to me.
I stumbled upon your blog when I was googling something about Etude. I found your blog and i was immediately hooked! I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I spend the next couple of my working hours reading your blog, i just can't stop reading!
I found your blog extremely helpful as I also have oily skin. I'm always looking for ways to minimise the damage, so I glad to read about your products reviews and whether it's works for you. If it's works for you, I want to try it too!
I posted a comment asking you about Integrate lipstick, and I was shocked to get a very detailed reply from you which I never expected. I think Haru you really went an extra mile for your readers, and that's the reason we LOVE your blog so much!
I actually saw you once at Ngee Ann City Kinokuniy, I was like 'It's's Haru!'. To be honest I was a little starstuck!
I hope you will continue sharing with us in your blog, and I wish you be happy every day!
Ai Wei ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Haru,
I love reading your blog, in fact I think it beats reading any local beauty/fashion magazine. I want to tell you that I admire your passion and commitment to your blog; it makes me feel ashamed of myself ;)
Please continue the good work! By the way, this has been another good post.

saltvinegar said...

Because of you i realized how wonderful 'mooks' and Japanese mags are! You have seriously got me addicted and i thank you for that :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind reply.

I have now added you on to my blogroll. I am a regular visitor to your blog and I also love browsing through your makeup swatches.

I am still forever waiting for the New Bobbi brown shimmerbricks (If it ever gets released here that is ^^)

Keep up your good work, I think you are a true talented amazing person.


Anonymous said...

u have been great in sharing information with us and your blog is a daily read for me! been spending more on beauty stuff because of your influence! keep it up!

Eileen said...

Your blog is a delight to read because your enthusiasm for beauty products comes shining through in comprehensive, thoughtful reviews. When it comes to make-up, I particularly like the pictures of you wearing the products you're reviewing. So often things look gorgeous in the pan, but not so much when actually worn. I hope you'll be blogging for many more years to come, Iris

Haru said...

Hi Hannah,
Sorry, I haven't passed through Haneda Airport in a long time so I'm not familiar with the brands available there.

hi Eileen,
Thank you!

hi Ai Wei,
Next time do say hi! :-) I go to Kino usually at least twice a week just to browse. Glad to hear that you find the blog useful!

hi Erika,
Thank you, will definitely try to keep it up :-)

h samstillreading,
glad to hear that you found the blog useful! Hope you enjoy your next shopping trip to Singapore!

hi nina,
Thank you :-)

hi Jayne,
thank you, that's really sweet of you to say!

hi Maria,
wow, that's such a sweet compliment, thank you for visiting my blog!

hi Sabrina,
Always glad to share my love of P&J :-) I also check your blog all the time for the fantastic swatches!

hi Virginia,
Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

Thank you for creating this useful beauty blog. Though I'm not much of a makeup person now, I still enjoy reading your posts and will always make an effort to visit your blog as often as possible. I also learn some great values from you. Keep the posts coming...

- eternity

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

another silent reader here... juz wanna tell u that you're doing Great!! Yr blog is the 1st beauty blog i've ever visited, am visiting, and wil always visit :)

Anonymous said...

Hello There, Haru-Chan!

Your blog is so amazing, it's like I am a kid in a Candy Store! You have the best job on this planet.I cannot believe I never was on this...I am Officially A Fan!!!

I was wondering how we can purchase some of the stunning makeup here. One small example would be the new Lunasol Quad Shadows.

Please enlighten me, and I am signed up, so I await to see Rouge Deluxe in my Email Box every day!

Thanks In Advance,


Hazelnutt said...

hey hey Iris, thanks for your advice. i blog on onsugar as well & one of my pet peeve is seeing badly formed sentences with incorrect grammar when i read other blogs.

Ashley said...

When I found Rouge Deluxe a year ago, I never stopped! I can't read a word of Japanese, Chinese, or Korean so I'm dependent on the English written blogs. A few years back, there were no English written blogs revolving around Asia's cosmetics but when I found Rouge Deluxe, it was like Heaven! I'm extremely glad there are no ad's on your blog, I hate those and I also agree with your #7!
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for blogging! But for the life of me, I don't know why I kept thinking Haru was your real name and Iris was a stage name. . ??

-me ish teacher - said...

I really liked your blog. Well, I live in NZ and it pretty much doesn't have much news to do with Asian skincare and I can't be bothered searching through forums about things. Your blog keeps me updated (*YAY*) and drooling about the lovely news on makeups especially Japanese ones! They sell it at a horrendous price here and outdated too! HAhaha... Keep up the good work! Really loved reading your blog, whether it is just about new releases or thing that you buy and tested. It helped me with thinking through whether I really needed that something in my ever expanding makeup collection. =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Iris. I love to read your blog. I chanced upon it when I was checking out when Sephora was opening in 2008/2009? ( can't remember) and came across your blog. Now, I read it for new updates like at least thrice a week , esp the postings on Lunasol. You're doing a good job. Don't be bothered with what those people who have nothing better to do than post lame comments. Keep posting. :) I enjoy reading your comments and sometimes some of your posts pique my interest to try out certain products :) Chris

winterysummerday said...

Hi Haru-chan! Thank you so much for your blog. I chanced upon it last year doing research for an eyeshadow and have since visited your blog religiously. I love your EOTDs and your frank reviews. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Have read your blog for 2 years now and loving it. It has been imformative and more importantly, honest without fake reviews or paid Ads. A big Thank You for staying true and please continue to do what you do!


miaoee said...

ive read ur blog for also almost 2 years or so! and i really enjoy reading all your posts. (: for me Japanese makeup suits my skin better somehow, and your reviews and pictures really help me a lot! thanks for putting so much effort into blogging!!

Jayne said...

if there is a "like" button, i would have "like" this a 100 times! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris,

I want to say that you are doing a great job. Your blog is one of my favourites coz it's so up-to-date and you know what you're "blogging" about. Keep up the good work girl!


Z said...

I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed a couple recent posts. It was very nice to read about your blogging philosophy and advice, and I will be returning often to read more. You are lucky to have lived in so many places! Keep up the great work.

Elaine said...

Hi Iris, I have chance upon a year ago by searching for Paul and Joe sale online. And I truly enjoy your blog which I read it almost every other day! And always appreciate the news on sale! And the latest trend! Thanks!