Saturday, 19 June 2010

Jill Stuart Night Jewel Solid Perfume

Jill Stuart will release a Night Jewel Solid Perfume (4725yen) on 2 July in Japan. Typical of Jill Stuart, the perfume compact is gorgeously designed and will make a pretty bag accessory after the solid perfume has been used up.

Check out the special website which includes an interview video clip with the perfumer, Alexis Dadier.


Ash said...

Hi Haru,

Do you usually order your Jill Stuart stuff online? If yes, which one? I have checked out sites like Ichibankao. They jack up the prices really high. The eyeshadow palettes cost up to about 96 SGD. I think it is ridiculuous. Do you have any sites to recommend? I think it is great that you get to travel so often? Is it for business or your own holiday? Envious!

Haru said...

Hi Ash,
I usually get a friend in Japan to help me buy my Jill Stuart stuff or buy it myself when I holiday in Japan. Have you tried and They also carry Jill Stuart at prices that are bit lower than Ichibankao. I've never purchased from any of these websites but I know friends who have ordered from them without problems.

Otherwise, the best way is to ask friends travelling to Taiwan or Hong Kong to help you buy as the Jill Stuart prices are the cheapest in Taiwan and Hong Kong, compared to Japan. There are also some Singapore blogs that organise sprees for Jill Stuart but I don't have any experience with them.

I've been travelling both for work and for my own holiday :-)

Ash said...

Just to let u noe, I read your blog on a daily basis. U have an interesting and informative blog. I love Japanese beauty products just like you.
BTW, i hope you won't laugh at me, but what do ETOD and FTOD stand for? :-P

Haru said...

hi Ash,
EOTD= Eye of the Day
FOTD= Face of the Day

Some bloggers also use LOTD = Look of the day.

The lingo is commonly used on Makeupalley and in the beauty blogs. Hope that makes it clear!