Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Coffret D'Or Beauty Up School

Coffret D'Or has set up a special website Beauty Up School with video tutorials on how to apply their Beauty C Curve Eyes palettes, lip colours and blushes. Do check it out!


HarumiPq said...

Hmm Haru san have you tried viewing the website? I could only view the eyes tutorial but not the other 2 on the lips and blush.

Hannah said...

Hi Haru, I can't even launch the eye tutorial... Got a virus alert after I clicked on the link.

Haru said...

Hi Hannah,
That's strange. I was able to view the eyeshadow tutorial just fine. Afraid I can't be of help.

Hi harumiPq,
I only watched the eye tutorial. Maybe the other two will be uploaded later?