Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner

Dolly Wink is fronted by Japanese model Tsubasa Masuwaka, who became famous as a model for Popteen magazine. The star product of the brand is their numerous designs of false lashes but as I don't wear falsies, I was more interested in trying out their Liquid Eyeliner (S$24.90).

The eyeliner is only available in Deep Black and it is resistant against water, sweat and tears.

The Dolly Wink eyeliner brush (right) is just a teensy bit longer and thicker than the Heroine Make brush. Both eyeliners dispense the liquid by shaking the brush up and down, such that the liquid flows smoothly into the brush tip.

Product description, application tips and ingredients list.

While the Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner gives the same jet black finish as Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner, I found that the Dolly Wink eyeliner takes a few more strokes to produce the same intense line. In terms of lasting power, the Heroine Make liner is also superior as I experienced a bit of fading and cracking with the Dolly Wink liner. Like Heroine Make, the liner liquid dispenses smoothly into the brush tip without any glooping or messy excess.

The Dolly Wink eyeliner is pretty decent but overall, I still prefer the Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Liner which is not only cheaper but also more long-lasting.

For this look, I also used Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #3 Dazzling Night over NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and Lancome Virtuose Precious Cells mascara. The Lancome mascara is already getting dry and slightly clumpy after two months, so I don't think I will be investing in it again. Fortunately, I was able to purchase this with the Erika F. eyeshadow thrown in as a freebie.

Here's the overall look with just RMK Face Protector N SPF31, Paul & Joe Finishing Powder 001 Dune and Lipgloss 04 and Tarte emphasEYEs High Definition Brow Pencil in Taupe. It's just too hot for wearing foundation over here in New Delhi with temperatures in the low 40s (Celsius), so I only wear sunscreen and powder if I'm going out.


Erika.Tesshi said...

thank you for this review!
it is definitely useful as i have been contemplating whether to purchase the dollywink liquid eyeliner for a long time..
now i think i will get the heroine make one! ^_^

Yumeko said...

i havent tried this nor heroine make
i keep buying the kpalette ones which i have been using for..several years now

do u reccomend either over kpalette?

Haru said...

Hey Yumeko,
I haven't tried the K-Palette one actually so I can't say how Heroine Make/Dolly Wink compare to K-Palette. Perhaps will buy K-Palette next, after I use up these two :-)

hi Erika,
You're welcome :-)

lovedust said...

Hey Iris, I think you look great in this eye mu, beautiful! :) Thanks for sharing as I was just wondering about the dollywink eye liner.

Millicent said...

Do you have single or double eyelids? cause i've seen you posting regular pictures of EOTD.

Haru said...

I have double eyelids. The 'fold' varies sometimes depending on how puffy my eyes are due to lack of sleep or water retention.

shopaholic said...

love the smokey effect on your eyes! (am in a cab from airport reading your blog), see what i told you that reading it has become a ritual for me, thanks)

i saw the dolly range in taipei, they are much cheaper there but i didn't buy.

Haru said...

Thanks, shopaholic! Seems like virtually every beauty brand is cheaper in Taiwan compared to Singapore. I read that their department stores also have great sales for beauty brands.

HarumiPq said...

You look real pretty with this eye makeup! Thanks for reviewing both eyeliners! Helped me make up my mind to get Heroine's liquid eyeliner instead =D And actually I think Heroine's eyelash glue is better than Dollywink's too...

Unknown said...

Hi Iris,

I have this, when I first ever started using this, I thought it was faulty because only tiny small amounts of the liquid came out which gave me a really uneven line. Later I realised that I had to shake the pen to activate the product for the ink to come out *Duh* ^^

I am looking forward to try the Dolly wink eye pencil,I need it for tightlining.

I think this makeup look suit you really well. the lip color compliment the eye colors really well.


Thanks for sharing =)

shopaholic said...

yes, most brands in taiwan are relatively cheaper, except paul & joe!

and taiwan offers many adorable tissue packs & other knick-knacks, which i couldn't resist!

eg, the cosme decorte liposome moisture 40ml retails at S$157 here but NTD2,500 in taiwan, about S$114!

leechie said...

i like ur eye makeup...v.nice! =) could u pls do a breakdown of how u apply each color onto which part of the eye?cos i have the same dazzling nite eye palette from lunasol n i still havent use it yet...kevin lao shi says tt blue color is for i'm going to look at my blue palettes again...btw, do u happen to have a Chanel blue eyeshadow palette too? o.O

Haru said...

I used the white shade (top left corner of Dazzling Night) over the browbone area, at the inner corners and along the inner half of the lower lashline. Then I used the dark blue shade (top right) in the crease and the blackish shade (bottom right) along the upper lashline, outer corner and outer half of the lower lashline.

I don't own any blue Chanel palettes.

Verlyn said...

I bought the heroine make eyeliner and it was really very lasting (no fading or smudges). It's very easy to draw as well. I like this look on you, very elegant.

leechie said...

thx haru for ur fast reply n sharing! =)
i always apply the lightest highlighter shade onto my browbone...but then kevin lao shi asked me not to use bling bling colors on my browbone area cos will make my eyes look puffy...if tt's the case, then shld i still apply somthg onto my browbone area?or leave it bare?

my chanel blue palette has 4 blue colors...but i'm not sure where to apply what...thot tt if u have, then i can ask ;p

Haru said...

I think it looks odd to leave the browbone area completely bare. Just use a light hand with a brush so that the finish is not too intense or frosty. An overly frostry finish on the browbone area is ageing. Or pick a semi-matte shade, like light pink/off white, for use over the browbone area so it looks more natural.

Nona said...

hi iris, even though it looks so simple, but I love it.
I think sometimes the foundation will make the makeup looks heavier.
does the PJ powder really control the oil?
I'm hesitating should I buy it or not...

Anonymous said...

love this look, simple and classy at the same time, keep it coming, i want to see more and try it on myself too!:)

winterberry_gal said...

Thanks for the review!
Your smokey eye makeup is superb!

leechie said...


gosh...thx...didnt know tt frosty brow bone area is ageing...i need to take note it a popular look with obasans? o.O

cos i have protuding brow maybe those frosty bling bling eyeshadows make my eyes look even more puffy?but a lighter color with pearlized finish or v.light shimmers still considered ok ya?as long as it's not too frosty n bling bling? o.O

Haru said...

hi nona,
The P&J does help to control oil for me, but I still do need to blot a couple of times during the day as my skin is very oily. You can read another review of the powder on London Makeup Girl's blog:

Hi winterberry_gal,
Thank you!

hi leechie,
A frosty or highly shimmery shade on the browbone area will emphasise it. Just play around and see what works best for you.

leechie said...

okie...thankie =)

Lali Amora Beauty Blog said...

This color is gorgeous on you! thanks for this review as I am looking into buying a new liquid liner :)

winterberry_gal said...

Hi Haru,
personally I tried both eyeliners and I like both.
Heroine was my favourite until Dollywink came.
For comparison, both eyeliners gave me same results, except I feel that Dollywink produces more intense black. Heroine's ink in contrast, appears slightly more diluted. But I agree with you that Dollywink requires more 'strokes' to achieve the desire effect.
By the way, have you noticed that Watsons no longer sells the Dollywink liquid eyeliner pen? I have been searching for ages and no sight of the pens. >.<

Haru said...

Hi winterberry_gal,
I don't live in Singapore anymore so I don't know about the availability of Dollywink at Watsons but my impression is that they are still there, perhaps just temporarily out of stock?