Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New York Day 1

Just wanted to do a quick post about my first day in New York before I go crash (still getting over the jet lag). Think this is my fourth trip to New York but I still find the noise of the streets overwhelming. Of course, that is more than made up for by the abundance of shopping delights, including several Sephoras and countless drugstores. I love browsing the drugstores even though I don't usually buy much there as I like to check out the new products and collections, many of which are not available in Singapore. In the drugstores, I haul mainly the mascaras.

Above is the Sephora on 5th Avenue. I always get overwhelmed on my first visit to a Sephora in the US, so I usually end up having to visit at least three or four times over a couple of days.

I vastly prefer shopping in Sephora than in the department stores in New York as the SAs in the department stores tend to be so eager that I don't even dare to make eye contact! Too bad one can't get brands like Armani, Chantecaille, Trish McEvoy etc in Sephora. Below is the Saks on 5th Avenue with Dolce & Gabbana in its window.

I saw the Dolce & Gabbana makeup line in person for the first time at Saks. Fell completely in love with the blue and green themed summer makeup collection, especially the eyeshadow duo and quad but as they were very pricey at US$36 and US$59 respectively, I'm still undecided over whether to splurge on them.

I also met up with the Muse from and had the most delightful evening with her just browsing Sephora, Lush and then chatting the night away at Starbucks. We have been online buddies for more than four years but this was actually the first time that we were able to meet up in person. She totally overloaded me with a wonderful array of makeup goodies!

She was incredibly spot on in guessing what I would like as I have been lemming the Hard Candy summer collection badly ever since I read her review of the new Moon Glow powder. She also got me the Welcome Matte powder, a Blush Crush Baked Blush #125 Living Doll, two Plexi Glosses and a Ginormous Lash mascara.

Bath bars

Lip balms in various flavours.

And tons of gorgeous stationery, some with my favourite floral and butterfly motifs!


the Muse said...

yay! so glad you enjoyed everything Iris. Sometimes I think I know your likes better than my own. I had a funny feeling that Hard Candy powders would be something you'd be lemming, it makes me smile that I was spot on!

Love ya! I can't wait to see you again :)

Elaine said...

Hey Haru
welcome to new york!
can you help me to buy Nars blusher orgasm from sephora, please?

will be greatly appreciated :) !

The Misery Chick said...

Wow. Reminds me of the 1st time I went to Sephora in Paris (Champs Elysees).

I went back 3 or 4 times. In ONE DAY! LOL. I was overwhelmed with excitement.

But it's a goal of mine to go to a Sephora in the USA. :) I think I will go beserk.

Anonymous said...

Been reading ur blog for few months now.. Lov ur posts and thank u for all the useful info..

Haru said...

hey Muse,
Thank you so much, I had such a great time!

hi Elaine,
I'm afraid I can't help you with that.

hi Maya,
The Sephora in Champs-Elysees in legendary! I haven't been there before but I've heard a lot about it.

Janice said...

thanks for sharing! sounds like you had a great time :) hope you have a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I had a habit of gifting my friends with cute stationeries too even if they do not use them.

Ahcapp said...

Oh wow, the window display looks fabulous! :))) it's great to know you are having lots of fun! Please continue to take more photos to share with us ok! :))

Anonymous said...

I went to Sephora ION just now... A lot of things are overpriced aren't they?
Glad you're having a great time! n_n

shopaholic said...

oh, how fun was that!!!!

don't miss any broadway show while you are there!

lumos said...

so sweet!

leechie said...


the pink hard candy blusher looks really pretty!!!could u pls help me buy one pls if possible? (i can do atm fund transfer to u tmr) if not, could u pls tell me where can i buy it?could u pls do a review n swatch of it or do a "makeover look" thingy with it?thx alot =)

Joey said...

AH you're in NYC?! Hell, you should have told me - I'd come find you and get you frozen yogurt at Bergdorf!!


Tiffany said...

sorry to chip in here. i remember in one of your posts, you mentioned the shade meaings for "ochre" and i couldn't find the post with your answered on that..a quick refresh here. what does "ochre" means? does it means beige?


enjoy NYC. u are there to meet the Muse on holiday or for work?

Haru said...

hi Tiffany,
For Japanese brand foundations, ochre is neutral-toned whereas beige ochre is more yellow-toned.

hi Joeybunny,
Aww, that's so sweet! Thank you! Bergdorf was so intimidating with all the SAs looking out for customers to pounce on. Didn't really enjoy that so I was out of there in less than 20 minutes after one round around the beauty floor.

hi leechie,
You can try ordering Hard Candy from and ship via Vpost. Hard Candy is sold only at Walmart in the US.

milktea said...

Hi Haru. Glad to see you're enjoying your trip there! Take lots of pix especially of Sephora and the drugstores. Look for stuff we can't get here :-)

The D&G display is pure art. Fallen in love with it already.