Friday, 25 June 2010

New Kate Spade Love

The weekend before I left on my New York trip, I was in Raffles City when the sale going on at the Kate Spade store caught my eye. I'm usually not into designer handbags at all as I'm more a High Street (in the UK sense of the word) kind of shopper whose closet is dominated by Topshop, Warehouse, Zara and Mango. The most expensive bags that I own are all by Tokidoki. Nevertheless, I was drawn to this shimmering gold gem of a bag which was on sale at 30% off. I resisted the temptation to purchase it on the spot, telling myself that if it was still available after my trip, then I would reconsider it.

Fast forward to a week later and I was in Takashimaya. This bag was sitting prettily in the Kate Spade shop window so I went in, tried it on again and finally decided to purchase it as I love how the gold exterior twinkles brilliantly at every angle. The material also feels very soft and luxurious.

Another feature that attracted me was the braided design of the strap. It's broad enough to sit comfortably on the shoulder. The opening has a magnetic closure, which has proven to be very convenient as here in Delhi, you have to go through security screening and get your purse checked every time you enter a shopping mall.

The interior is lined with a cheerful polka-dotted silk faille print with a large zip pocket on one side and two slide pockets on the other side. Also pictured are my Cath Kidston tissue case and Samantha Thavasa Liberty-print wallet that I picked up in Tokyo in April. The Cath Kidston tissue case is from the Hello! From London - 2010 Spring & Summer mook that was released in March.

This bag design also comes in a larger size known as the Jamesport Natia, which is currently on sale on for US$263 (down from US$375). Kate Spade's prices in Singapore are quite a bit higher compared to the US so many ladies prefer to shop online. Even with the 30% discount on my bag, the sale price worked out to be about the same as the normal full retail price in the US. But I didn't really mind as I prefer being able to shop leisurely in the store (which was empty of customers on a weekday despite the sale) and the instant gratification of trying and purchasing the bag, instead of going through the hassle of shopping online.


Anonymous said...

really lovely bag. nice buy :)

saltvinegar said...

Nice one! Am loving your liberty print wallet! Do feature that.. and do explain what are liberty prints? A store that designs and sells cloth?

shopaholic said...

hihi, i love kate spade bags for her whimsical designs. i have 2 classic kate spade bags, which are fab for everyday use. didn't u visit her stores when u were in the states?

leechie said...

nice bag! i ordered a similar v.small bling bling gold kate spade bag last wk o.O

think they hav matching bling bling gold wallets n wristlets ;p

i actually went down to the kate spade sale on the first day...but the black n white barrow street bon shopper was already sold out even then! -.-" think the black n white one is also sold out on the kate spade i ordered the pink one last i feel so jealous whenever i see ppl carrying the black n white one -.-" n i seem to see many ppl carrying this black n white bag almost everywhere -.-"

Anonymous said...

Hi Iris!

I'm doing a MUFE purchase soon.Will be getting a 10% discount. Pretty good deal since they rarely have sale!
Do let me know if you or any of your readers have anything to purchase ya!

Serene =)

Haru said...

hi saltvinegar,
Liberty is actually a British department store in London that is famous for their prints. They have been selling fabrics with their own in-house prints for more than a century now, and these are known as Liberty prints. Many fashion brands collaborate with Liberty to use Liberty fabrics in their products. Even MAC did a Liberty collection recently,

hi shopaholic,
Nope, I didn't go to any Kate Spade stores while I was in New York although I did come across the line in Bloomingdales.

CHARRY said...

Wow I love the bag! Its gold and looks elegant.

Von said...

nice bag! if you have the time, can visit woodsbury factory outlet near NY. Should be much cheaper with the factory outlet prices.

Haru said...

hi Von,
Yup, I've been to Woodbury before two years ago but didn't find much there to my liking. Think I only bought one jacket from Off Saks 5th Ave and some beauty stuff at the CCO.

purpleflower said...


Love your blog! and the bag looks really nice..stylish yet classy at the same time. It will never go out of style..nice choice!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Haru! I'm really learning so much from your blog!Thank you for so diligently enlightening people like me about the latest trends and launches! Lotsa hugs :)

wonder said...

Hi, may I know your KS bag is made in where? Most ebay KS bag is made in China.

Haru said...

There are no tags on my Kate Spade bag stating the country of manufacture.