Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Guerlain Fall 2010 Base Makeup has reported that Guerlain will release a new Lingerie de Peau liquid foundation on 3 September in Japan. The foundation, which is available in 9 shades, is formulated with SPF20 PA+ and will retail for 7350yen for 30ml.

There will also be a new Le Violet (not sure of exact spelling) Minerale loose powder. This will be available in 5 shades and retail for 7560yen.


Anonymous said...

the best stuff always stays in asia only :(

Haru said...

Hey Puranki,
The Lingerie de Peau foundation and loose powder are not Asia-exclusive. Some Western blogs have also reported about the Lingerie de Peau foundation so I'm sure it will be available outside of Asia too, and probably launch in the US and Europe earlier than Japan.

Anonymous said...

ou that's nice to hear. thank you

Ling said...

Hey Haru
I love guerlain too, esp their parure pearly white compact foundation. it's one of the god sent gift, it glides on lightly but amazingly good coverage. usually i have this habit of tapping loose powder after foundation but i felt the coverage is so sufficient after the pearly white. it's my holy grail and love to share with you! :)

i'm looking forward to this new base makeup too :)