Monday, 21 June 2010

Lancome Fall 2010 has some sneak peeks of the upcoming Lancome Fall 2010 makeup collection, which has a French Coquettish theme.

The release schedule for Japan is as below:

23 July
1. Color Fever Gloss (3360yen): 1 new shade
2. Ombre Absolute Palette Lumessence (6930yen): limited edition
3. Virtuose Precious Cells mascara: 2 shades, of which 1 is LE (3990yen)
4. Oscillation Mascara: 2 shades (5250yen)
5. Liner Definition (3360yen)
6. Crayon Kohl Waterproof (2940yen)
7. Rose Decor (6300yen): limited edition blush

13 August
1. French Touch Absolute lipstick: 3 limited edition shades (4200yen)
2. Ombre Magnetique eyeshadow: 3 limited edition shades (3675yen)
3. Le Vinyl Mini nail enamel: 1 limited edition shade (1890yen)

20 August
1. Teint Miracle Liquid foundation: 7 shades (5250yen,30ml)

The R&D that went into developing Teint Miracle Liquid foundation, took 10 years. The foundation, which has a light texture, reportedly helps to make skin look like it is lit from within. There is also an accompanying Teint Miracle Touch concealer.


Anonymous said...

Gosh! That's quite pretty. Will be looking forward to the foundation, concealer and blush. Thanks for the info :)

Pinayfrench said...

I can't wait to see the foundation. With that length of time to make it, it should be very good :-) Thank you for sharing

galpal.hi said...

The rose decor limited edition blush looks so interesting. I'm seriously thinking of getting that. The foundations also sound interesting. Thanks for sharing.


Social Butterfly said...

I really like this collection!
Hope it will be soon in Europe

galpal.hi said...

I have a quick question, do you know if this is just an Asia release or will this whole line be released in the US too? I really want the blush so if it's only an Asia release, I have to make sure that I order it online. Thanks!