Monday, 28 June 2010

Liberty x Hello Kitty x Samantha Thavasa

Just read on Yumeko's A Dream of Tokyo that Samantha Thavasa has put out a new collection in collaboration with Liberty and Hello Kitty! The collection was just released on 23 June in Japan and spans the Samantha Thavasa, Samantha Vega, Samantha Thavasa Petit Choice brands. You can see the full collection on both the Samantha Thavasa and WWCity websites.

As much as I love my Samantha Thavasa Liberty-print wallet that I picked up in Tokyo in April, I think the line is a tad overpriced especially since most of the bags are made largely of vinyl (much like the Crystal Ball bags), PVC or cotton. The prices range from around US$100 for a makeup pouch to about US$300 for the larger bags.

Just a bit more information about Samantha Thavasa. There is actually no designer with that name. The company was founded in 1994 by a Mr Kazu Terada and is known for its high-profile ad campaigns and collaborations with foreign celebrities like Beyonce, the Hilton sisters and Victoria Beckham.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this collection.
Even though it is a bit pricey I got myself the small handbag. Absolutely love it!

Haru said...

hi puranki,
Glad to hear that! I'm using my Samantha Thavasa wallet for at least the next three years so I don't feel so bad about paying so much for it :-)

Anonymous said...

That's nice :)!

This Bag is my first Samantha Thavasa Item and I love it so far. I too have never had any bags that are pricier than the ones from tokidoki!
Do you have more than one wallet that you use frequently? I sometimes see people posting regularly about wallet hauls. Which made me wonder :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love Samantha Thavasa but are they available in Singapore?

Haru said...

hi Puranki,
I was using a long rectangular wallet from Pierre Cardin for about a year before I replaced it with the Samantha Thavasa one. I also have a Rebecca Taylor cardholder that I use for keeping all my brand membership/loyalty cards. I'm too lazy to change my wallets regularly although I do change the handbags that I use regularly.

Samantha Thavasa is not sold officially in Singapore but I read on Cozycot that there's a shop called Queen's Avenue in Tampines 1 mall that carries Samantha Thavasa. My guess is that the price will be marked up over the retail price in Japan.

leechie said...

leechie wants hello kitty mew mew bags...but where to get them? o.O previously, Crystal Ball has v.nice hello kitty bags too but all sold out in japan ler -.-"

TheHappyDolls123 said...

This is lovely!!! a nice collaboration..