Friday, 11 June 2010

New York Day 3

No visit to New York would be complete for me without a visit to Times Square. It helps that there are two Sephoras there now :-)

I didn't go in the Hershey's store as I had already stocked up on my favourite Reese's Peanut Butter Cups at Duane Reade.

Love how the Chrysler Building looks at night.

I wandered past Bryant Park by chance at night and was mesmerized by the illuminated lawn. Aside from the usual canoodling couples, there were also people playing table tennis in the park.

The good thing about New York is that it's quite easy to explore on foot without getting lost thanks to how the streets are laid out in a grid. I have been walking everywhere as I absolutely abhor the subway. The rats, the stench and the crazies are too potent a combination for me! Luckily, the slightly chilly early summer weather is the perfect time to be in the city with hydrangeas blooming everywhere.


Georgina said...

ahhh new york, i still remember the first time i saw times square...i was mesmerized by the lights. hehe. how long r u staying there? :) any sephora hauls yet? :D

Ah Meow said...

Enjoy your NYC trip, Iris!

Really love how your digital camera capture the life of the streets. What's the camera you use? the picture looks very vivid, of course added with your artistic acumen for photo, both worked out to be great!

Haru said...

hi coffretgorge,
I'm just here for a few days, will be going home this weekend. Yup, have been hauling at Sephora, which I'll post at the end of my trip.

hi Ah Meow,
Thanks! I use a Canon Ixus 870IS.

Magdalena said...

Ahh, I looove NYC! <33 I hope to go there again soon :D Have a great time!

♥ Starryxuan said...

The pictures look pretty! Enjoy your trip =)

Anonymous said...

Hi haru! Have you tried NARS sheer glow foundation at sephora yet? I have scarily big pores, but when I use this foundation, my skin looks flawless!!! I get compliments all the time now!!!! Your shade looks like it would be "ceylan " :) I hope you're having a great time in new York!


Anonymous said...

How's the weather there like?
Yay! I like Canon Ixus too!

Lilian said...

I'm not fond of the subway either! besides whatever you mentioned, I find it rather confusing and always worry about taking the wrong train. I enjoy walking too, it is so much more enjoyable without the heat and humidity of Singapore. I love feeling the buzz on the street. I miss NY!

Kas said...

HERSHEY'S BLDG!!! Oh god, first thing I thot of was that episode of Project Runway where the contestants made outfits out of Hershey's wrappers? LOL! And I could never go into that store - I'd probably faint in excitement and after inhaling all that chocolate EDP. *runs to bathroom and takes a good whiff of Sephora's Chocolate Praline Shampoo instead*

Nona said...

Haru, you really have fun there :D
thank you for sharing it with your reader.