Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Cosme Decorte & Magie Deco Summer 2010

Cosme Decorte AQ (which stands for Advanced Quality) went with an Aegean Breeze theme for its Summer 2010 makeup collection. The model is wearing the new Shadow Supreme #26, Light Focus WT001, Pencil Eyeliner N BK001, Mascara Excellent BK001, Pencil Eyebrow N BR301, the new Rouge Supreme OR252, Lip Liner BE801, Face Color N OR200 and BR300, Nuance Glow WT001 and the new Nail Supreme OR221.

The website has the application steps for the Shadow Supreme #26 palette here (click on the "how to makeup' button). The summer collection also includes a new green/brown Shadow Supreme #27 palette (6825yen). Cosme Decorte AQ is one brand that I've never ventured into, mainly because of its very high price points. For example, the Rouge Supreme lipsticks retail at 6300yen (about US$71) each while the nail polishes are 3150yen each. And people were already wincing at Tom Ford's lipsticks which cost US$45!

Cosme Decorte AQ's sister brand, Magie Deco went with a bolder Latina Magic theme of corals and peaches.

The collection includes two new Shadow Brilliance palettes (5775yen), LC304 Latina Beauty and DC035 Be Glamorous. You can check out the application steps for the Shadow Brilliance II LC034 here (just click on the "Eyecolor makeup" button).

The model, Lily Donaldson, will also be fronting the ad campaign for the new Burberry Beauty line which is set to launch worldwide in July. You can read more about it on the New York Times website.


Nona said...

The palette are very beautiful but the price is more expensive than other high end palettes.
I wonder is there really a big difference in the quality?
Hmm...maybe we should try it to prove that :D

milktea said...

Is that Lily Donaldson in both the Cosme Decorte and Magie Deco? I'm afraid the model(s) look the same to me! Only in the Burberry pix does Lily look like the Lily Donaldson.

Haru said...

Yes, that's Donaldson in both the Cosme Decorte and Magie Deco ads. She has been the spokesmodel for both brands for quite some time now.