Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Lunasol Geminate Eyes Cat's Eyes

Lunasol's Geminate Eyes series was released in the fall of 2007. It remains one of Lunasol's most brilliant and shimmery lines, promising a diamond-like shine. I purchased #4 Sapphire and #5 Ruby when they were first released. Recently, while transiting through Narita Airport in Japan, I was impressed by how smoothly and pigmented the #1 Cat's Eyes swatched so I picked it up as well.

Having used it a couple times, my initial thoughts are that while the texture and colour payoff is excellent, the overall combination of shades is less flattering on my skintone than other Lunasol quads like Lavender Coral, Dazzling Night and Nature Summer Blue.

In general, I find it hard to pull off gold-toned shades, like those in Cat's Eyes. For example, the orange gold shade in the top right corner of the palette can look a tad harsh if applied too heavily. I used it in the crease in the look below.

Here's the overall look. I also tried out the Armani Lasting Silk Foundation and Maybelline The Falsies Volum'express mascara today. The Lasting Silk Foundation was easy to apply but was not able to completely cover up the redness in my skin. The oil control was also just average. I was more impressed by the Maybelline mascara applied very smoothly without any clumping and lasted very well over more than 12 hours of wear without smudging. It was also good at adding length and definition to my thin lashes.


Shilka said...

Wow! this looks amazing! Such a glamorous sparkle!

momiji said...

ohhhh this is sexy haru. you look super pretty.

invie said...

The shadows look great but you are right that cool colors suit you better. Thanks for all the great reviews!

Hannah said...

Thanks, Haru for the EOTD and FOTD on CE. You said you have problem pulling off gold shades in general. How about JS Gold Brocade? I totally can't pull this palette off. Wondering I should just give up in this palette.

Elaine said...

Dear Haru,

looks great despite i think you would prefer your x4 foundation powder more :p (just a feel only)

i always heard finding a right shade with Armani Foundation is hard. may i know what's the shade you bought?

(: thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi Haru, I beg to differ! I think the colours make you look sophisticated and very womanly (as opposed to girly). I like this on you!

winterberry_gal said...

Gorgeous colours!!!
Do you think it's suitable for office wear?

I also like the latest EST shade that the model is wearing!

Haru said...

hi winterberry_gal,
I wore this quad to the office. For me, it's not an issue but if you are in a very conservative office environment that frowns on shimmery eyeshadow, then perhaps you would be better off with velvety matte shades/neutrals. The colours themselves are not that crazy or loud that they are inappropriate for office/day wear. A lot also depends on application as you can vary the intensity with which you apply/layer the shades, depending how dramatic/smokey you want the overall look to be.

hi Elaine,
I bout the Armani Lasting Silk Foundation in #5. I used to wear #4 for the Luminous Silk Foundation but most online reviews say that the Lasting Silk Foundation shades run lighter than their corresponding shade numbers for Luminous Silk Foundation.

hi Hannah,
I don't own Brocade Gold but from what I recall, the gold shades in it aren't too yellow or orange toned, so it shouldn't be that difficult to wear. If you can't find a way to make it work for you, perhaps try combining the shades in it with other eyeshadows/palettes? That way, at least you still get some use out of what is quite an expensive palette.

fuzkittie said...

OMG I LOVE the colors in this palette!!! :D Super gorgeous.